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Stick 1500 EP/GP 46 size (Sport version) 1540mm (ARF)

Stick 1500 EP/GP 46 size (Sport ...

The Stick Sport is a versatile 'tail dragger' sports trainer, an excellent sport flyer that can moonlight as a club trainer, with the added versatility to choose either glow or electric power.

There isn't a Maltese cross to be seen on t...

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The Stick Sport is a versatile 'tail dragger' sports trainer, an excellent sport flyer that can moonlight as a club trainer, with the added versatility to choose either glow or electric power.

There isn't a Maltese cross to be seen on this models unique contrasting colour scheme, this scheme will assist new pilots in maintaining their orientation easily at a distance.

The large wing is a 2 piece bolt on, as is the tailplane, for fast field assembly. The Stick also features a removable hatch for fuel tank access. Those wanting to build the Stick as electric can use this hatch to access flight packs - There's even a removable battery tray included!

The build quality of this ARF is impeccable with Balsa and ply construction throughout ensuring this bird will stand the test of time. The Stick is nicely constructed, tough and practical, it is also a really nice price for a model of this size and should be really cheap to build, the old adage "the bigger they are, the better they fly" certainly applies to the Stick, it is the perfect club trainer that can be built easily, quickly and cheaply!

• Quick and easy build
• Strong Balsa Ply construction
• Glow or Electric power options
• Removable Two piece wing
• Removable Tailplane 
• Steerable tail-wheel

Wingspan: 1540 mm
Length: 1130 mm
Flying Weight: ~2100-2200g

All Hardware

Electric motor: .46 Size brushless equivelent, KV=900RPM/v
ESC: 50 A
Battery: Lipo 3200 mah /3S 25 cells
Prop: E-Prop 11x8
Radio: 4 channels, 5 servos


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Diameter X(Inch):
  • SKU
  • Watt Hour
  • Weight(g):
  • Length:
  • Width
  • Height

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An update on my previous review here. A couple of problems with the landing gear, first its not very strong and bends easily and then the ply plate holding it to the fuselage got pulled out on a less than perfect landing. I reinforced the mounting plate area with another piece of ply and used plenty of epoxy to hold it in. The bendy gear problem was solved by replacing it with a stiffer stronger one. No other problems and its still a delight to fly :-) The Saito 62 pulls it round the sky rather well :-)
worst piece of crap ever...

wing broke first flight right down the middle spar was weak as CRAP

hk will not fix or replace it so im screwed

NEVER AGAIN stay the F away from HK
I just started assembly and it seems like a really good plane.
Unfortunately, as received, one of the wing front mounting tabs was broken off and I have doubts about the quality of the wood used for the wing root ribs. It might be OK for electric, but it seems a bit fragile for a powerful glow engine...
I note that one of the guys who wrote in French, above, had the same problem...
Anyway, I'm going to glue it and reinforce it as best I can, and I'll write another review after the plane has flown...
Der Flieger bietet ein sehr gutes Preis Leistungsverhältnis . Er ist gut verarbeitet fliegt super in der E-Version sowohl auch als Verbrenner . Das einzige Manko ist das Fahrwerk das sollte gleich ausgetauscht werden.
gran bell'aereo,giusto qualche problemino ma facilmente risolto,tipo i piani di coda,troppo deboli (togliere l'oracover e rinforzare),motorizzato con un 10 cc a benzina,vola che una meraviglia

GOt it i was impressed nice simple light easy fits good.

put a stock os 46 that I had on it... very old so its not high on power or anyhting..

FIrst flight its ok get it trimmed in do a few laps THEN SHE GETS SQUIRRLY AS HELL.. get off the throttle... and do my besst to land her... get it in pretty well..

then I pic it up and the wing is snapped in half right down the middle wood spar and all!

this is CRAP plain and simple stay away from it!
Arrived in perfect condition with all parts and then some! Simple assembly with no significant issues. The horizontal stabiliser needed the holes adjusting to fit square, the supplied clevises were a sloppy fit on the rods and the firewall holes didn't match the engine mounts. I fitted a Saito 62FS which balanced it perfectly at the recommended 90mm. I did use lighter, bigger wheels than the supplied ones. The maiden flight was perfect apart from a couple of clicks of trim. I used the recommended control throws. Very pleased :-)
Perfect trainer. Installed a Turnigy SK3 4240 620 kV, 3000mAh 5S Lipo, 60A BEC, 12X7 Propeller - good speed and enough power for vertical climb. Slow flying performance and stall behavior easy to handle for beginners. After flying the ugly Stik - it's a bit less fun. ;-)
Ich hatte gestern meinen Erstflug mit dem Modell. Ausgerstet mit E-Motor 2000W mit 14 x 7 Luftschraube!!!, Regler 100A und Lipo Zippy 5S 5000mAh 40C. Zwar total bermotorisiert aber der Hammerflieger. Wegen der grossen Luftschraube mute aber ein hheres Fahrwerk montiert werden. Der Motor zieht im Flug bei Volllast 100A!!!
Eine Rakete ist nichts dagegen. Normaler Kunstflug bei max Halbgas. Torken geht auch bei Halbgas. Es geht sogar Seglerschlepp bis 5m Segler. der Rumpf des Modelles ist so stabiel gebaut, dass er alles klaglos wegsteckt. Allerdings ist das Gewicht des Modelles durch den schweren Motor und schweren Akku auf 2,8kg gestiegen. Das ergiebt eine etwas hhere Landegeschwindigkeit.
This stick is a great plane to build with good coverings and instructions,such a cheap kit with the Hobbyking quality..
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