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Super Rider SR5 1/4 Scale RC Motocross Bike (RTR) (UK plug)

Super Rider SR5 1/4 Scale RC Motocross Bike (RTR) (UK plug)


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Get ready to get dirty! Super Rider SR5 is a complete ready-to-run 1/4 dirt motocross dirt bike!

With all electronics and other components pre-installed in the factory you only need to fit a charged battery and it's ready to hit the track.  

This is a fantastic model that has responsive braking, excellent low-speed stability and can excite with some amazing jump ability.  The SR5 really is one of the best offroad RC motocross bikes you can get.    

The most innovative feature of the SR5 is its stability which is handled through newly developed ESS (electronic stability system) technology and that is even adjustable with the ability to change the individual RPM (Rotations Per Minute) setting on the internal gyro fly wheel through the Gyro Effect Governor Board.  

The SR5 comes with the Toro 540 class 3200KV Brushless Motor and the Leopard 60A ESC V2. This is an awesome combination which delivers monster power.  On gravel and grass, dirt or pavement the SR5 is one red hot dirt bike just waiting for you to take the controls. 

• Big 1/4 Scale
• Strong and durable aluminum chassis
• Metal chain drive
• ESS (Electronic Stability System)
• Gyro effect governor
• Powerful motor and ESC combination
• Suitable for both beginners and experienced "riders"
• Front/rear oil shock absorber.
• Great design finish

Length: 525mm
Front Wheel: 160mm
Rear Wheel: 150mm
Height: 416mm 
Weight: 3040g 
Motor: 540 BL 3200KV
ESC: Leopard 60A ESC V2

1/4 Scale SR5 Motocross Bike
NiMH Battery Pack
Radio Controler


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Purchased the bike in the UK warehouse, quick delivery in 3 days. Bike looks nice, big and heavy. The problem I have is that the transmitter and receiver will not bind. I tried to rebind but this won't work. Very disappointing, I did not expect this for the money you pay for this model. I ordered a surface radio set to see if this will solve the problem because sending the bike back to HK will cost me more. I will update the result as soon as I receive the radio.
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The bike comes almost ready to run, just the 6s NmH battery to charge and fit (inc), then the optional side bars. It gives about 10 mins of scale performance on the supplied battery, turning easily at speed on the default fastest giro setting. No trim changes were required and it readily wheelies when throttled sharply.
On fitting a turnagy 2.2 3s battery, I still got 10 mins with careful throttle control. The extra non-scale power can easily over wheelie the model, over bending the rear wire guard and stressing the body kit. My rider came adrift at the waist on the first run and despite trying different adhesives, he now has to wear permanent string braces to keep him together.
I have softened the front fork springs which keeps the front down better and allows the front forks the work more scale like. I've had an rc road bike before and this larger off road one is a great addition to my fleet. I recommend this model but be prepared to spend a little maintenance time on it.
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I'm not a bike nor car expert. First BEFORE running motor, check the chain tension. Expect to have to relax it by moving rear axle closer to motor. Chain should have some slack in it. If too tight, this will require a lot of power to rotate the drive wheel, AND the bike will only go SLOWLY. 8{
Wait for the gyro to spin up [ wurring sound will increase ]. Give it a fast push to commence driving and apply throttle. Fitting the battery and it leads is tricky, to avoid them rubbing on front wheel and ground. I used a hardcase with removable plugin leads. They insert thru the frame once the lipo is in the bike. Good fun, must counter steer to turn and stand bike up from fallen. I've put good value as I bought it on a special release price in Australia.
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