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Taranis X9E Mode 1 non EU Version (US Plug)

Taranis X9E Mode 1 non EU Version (US Plug)


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With a slightly retro, cool look and feel, the FrSky Taranis X9E or "Tray" Taranis is very closely related to the enormously popular and wholly reliable Taranis Plus (X9D).

This is a 16 channel radio (expandable to 32) and has all the features we have come to expect from a Taranis transmitter including full telemetry, speech, channel mixing, different flight modes, multiple model memory, the list goes on and of course the amazing OpenTX firmware, which has been optimised, remains the heart of the machine.   

The X9E comes with improved gimbals and a daylight readable LED screen at the top to display telemetry data.  There is also Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer. 

Once again FrSky have put together a premium quality radio control transmitter and have delivered it for a fraction of the cost of similar products on the market.

• Metal front panel
• Upper and lower information screens
• 6 potentiometers and 8 switches
• 2 potentiometer slots ansd 8 switch slots for extension
• 16 chanels/ up to 32 channels
• Two module two frequency system
• Receiver lock
• Low latency and high precision
• Full telemetry
• Real time flight data logging
• Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
• Receiver Match
• Audio Speech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
• Antenna Status Detection and Adjustment
• Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts
• Smart Port Supported
• Vibration Alerts
• Removable hand rests

Compatibility: FrSky X series, D series and V8-II series receivers (plus other receivers if an external module is used)
Model:Taranis X9E
Operating Voltage Range: 6~15V (2S, 3S Lipos are acceptable)
Operating Current: 260mA maximum (both RF module and backlit are on)
Number of Channels: 16 Channels (extensible to 32 channels)
Operating Temperature Range:  -10~60C

1 X Taranis X9E Transmitter
1 X X6R Receiver
1 X Neck Strap
1 X Carry Case
1 X 9.6V MiMH 2000maH Battery
1 X Charger (US Plug)
1 X SD Card



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A very good transmitter. Liked (^-^) v
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got my X9E few days ago as wanted to fit my Multiplex evo 12 TX module after reading that any module will work in the X9E,,, what a crock of crapp as the pin outs are different,,, one is five the other six,,,,pity really
and one you let the smoke out thats the end......
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Just received mine yesterday, its really nice high quality finish and the metal case is great. This radio reminds me of one those old multiplex radios of the late 80s and early 90s. I love that retro 80s look, the colour screen above is fantastic and sharp. and the lower screen is also great and easy to use menu. the sticks have the best feel and smoothness I've ever felt in a transmitter. I'm currently using this for my drones and the 1.5 km range is awesome. I use to use JR radios ages ago and then started using the Flysky 9X otherwise branded here as a turnigy 9X . Had the 9X for 6 years without a hitch and reliable as can be. So I decided once again to upgrade with a flysky Taranis. They telemetery works great and is nice feature. Also I removed the side ears (3 screws each ear) as I like holding my remotes and not using the provided shoulder strap. It works fine just to hold it and can reach the sticks and first row of switches easily...bit hard to reach the very top ones if your holding it normally but otherwise its lovely radio and will last me years to come!
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Super radio, et l je pse mes mots, si j'avais su avant jamais je n'aurais pris ma dernire futaba.
La rception est est parfaite, la qualit aussi. Les rcepteurs sont parfait, j'utilise principalement les 6r et 8r, pour le prix d'un futaba, j'ai 3 quivalents Frsky!!!!
la prise en main prend un peu de temps, le branchement sur l'ordi avec compagnion facilite la chose,( surtout pour la mise en place des programes et menu en Fr, mais maintenant que j'ai pig le truc , et apres avoir mis tous les programme en Franais ,je fait tout de la radio . C'est assez intuitif, mme des dessins pour aid.
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Taranis X9E Manual download now [1182kb]


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