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TBS 2.4Ghz Yagi 11dB Antenna

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TBS 2.4Ghz Yagi 11dB Antenna

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The TBS Yagi is a highly versatile all-round 2.4GHz antenna offering ranges of between 7 and 15km when used with the TBS 2.4GHz video transmission system.
Lightweight, compact and mobile, its long, slim shape is perfect for mounting on a tripod.

The Yagi is hand-made by a German engineer with fine attention to detail. The build finish is exceptional and the resulting link and video quality is nothing short of phenomenal. You will notice a sharper, higher contrast picture compared to most antennas.

Gain: 11dB (13.2dBi)
Polarization: Linear  (Horizontal/Vertical)
Working Frequency: 2370~2510MHz
Vertical/Horizontal Beamwidth: 47 degrees
Antenna Length: 500mm
Cable length: 130mm
Elements: 10
Connector: SMA
Range with TBS Unify/Lawmate Video Tx/Rx set: approx. 10km

  • Team Black Sheep FPV Gear
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firebladecbr1k | Verified Buyer

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Aug 18, 2015

An excellent antenna.
Beautifully hand made. Great design, exacting measurements and the components used are high quality. The connectors, coax and joins are all high grade and up to the job. Much much better than the rubbish you will see from China. A very compact antenna considering its gain and frequency. A quick test confirms it is good gain and very directional. Love this product. Note that the elements are pretty thin and could get bent in the field if not careful. Suggest you keep this in a suitable case when transporting. If there was a 5.8GHz version i would get that also.

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