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TBS FPV 4 inch LCD 8Ch Dual Band 2.4GHz Groundstation

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TBS FPV 4 inch LCD 8Ch Dual Band 2.4GHz Groundstation

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Compact and portable; ideal attributes for an FPV groundstation, particularly when you're looking for a simple setup that can be taken anywhere whenever the mood strikes and this TBS Groundstation meets those criteria perfectly!

At the heart of the Groundstation is a built in 2.4GHz receiver feeding a 4" LCD screen and four buffered video outputs, protected by a custom aluminum enclosure. A barrel connector provides power to your video goggles, allowing you to power everything off a single 3S LiPoly battery. The built-in low voltage alarm lets you know when the fun is over before the lights go out.

The four video outputs are split across two RCA connectors and two custom, locking RJ45 connectors. These inhibit cable slips for your most vital cabling. You can use the supplied cables to connect your video goggles, or make a DIY RJ45 socket for a totally clean, locked connection between your video receiver and display device. The RJ45 connector runs power, audio and video.

A USB power connector makes it possible to charge your GoPro during flight breaks or power a Raspberry Pi if needed.

The included TBS Greenhorn 5.8GHz A/V transmitter plugs directly into the Groundstation for you to re-broadcast live video to any compatible 5.8GHz receiver.

Last but not least, the TBS-style Video Tx connector is waiting for a TBS GREENHORN to broadcast to your video goggles wirelessly.

• 4" LCD screen
• 2 x video out Cinch connectors
• 2 x A/V 5V/12V RJ45 port
• 12V power supply for goggles
• USB charger
• Low voltage alarm
• Video transmitter port for broadcast
• 16 channel receiver
• XT60 socket for power input (3S LiPoly required)

Screen size: 4"
Screen type: LCD backlit
Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 480 x 360 pixels
Receiver sensitivity: -86dBm
Video outputs: 75 Ohm
Audio outputs: 10k Ohm
Power consumption: 5W (11.1V 500mA) with display turned on
USB charging: 5V/1A continuous
Input: 11.1V (3S LiPoly)
Output: 12V (for goggles)
Receiver: 2.4GHz (built-in)
Channels: 2 x 8Ch
Compatibility: Immersion, Boscam, Lawmate & TSB
Working temperature: 0~40°C
Weight: 458g
Dimensions: 107 x 85 x 45mm

Band 1
1 2410 
2 2430
3 2450 
4 2470 
5 2370 
6 2390 
7 2490
8 2510 

Band 2
1 2414
2 2432
3 2450
4 2468
5 2370
6 2390
7 2490
8 2510

1 x RJ45 to video goggle connector
1 x TBS Greenhorn 5.8GHz A/V transmitter (for re-broadcasting)
1 x Tripod thumb screw
1 x Antenna mount screws

  • Team Black Sheep FPV Gear
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