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Telebee R/C Car Gyro for Drift Maneuvers

Telebee R/C Car Gyro for Drift M...

Telebee car gyro specially designed to perform drifting maneuvers for R/C model cars.It supports all digital servos, also has built-in drift cancellation circuit.


Compact piezoelectric gyr...

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Telebee car gyro specially designed to perform drifting maneuvers for R/C model cars.It supports all digital servos, also has built-in drift cancellation circuit.
Compact piezoelectric gyro sensor
Temperature compensation circuit
Dual Rate
Remote Gain Control
Designed with low center of gravity
Stabilizes car when cornering.
Supports digital steering servo (265Hz-333Hz pulse)
Built-in drift cancellation circuit
External tuning switches to adjust" Steering ATV " and gain function
External reverse switch
External switch to select between digital servo or standard servo
Suitable for both electric and engine powered RIC model cars
Dimension: 20x20x15mm
Weight: 11 grams
Voltage used: 4.2V to 7V
High-speed pulse output for digital Servo: 265Hz-333Hz
Standard pulse output for regular Servo: 50Hz
Current: approx 33mA
Operating temperature: -5°C to +60°C

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Made my 4wd cars handle much better on surfaces with poor traction. At this price every car should have one!
Funktioniert gut, aber Achtung die Potis reagieren auf die kleinste Vernderung. Die perfekte Einstellung zu finden dauert etwas, aber dann macht das Ding gute Arbeit.
Works and gain can be adjusted from your remote (uses additional channel). You need to pay attention to a lot of things so that it works OK like: orientation, mounting on a vibration dampening pad, servo work mode (analog/digital), voltage, etc... It's best to ask someone into RC drifting to set it up for you, or like me you will lose a lot of hours until you figure everything out. Value is quite poor since you can get Radiolink / Trackstar radio with a receiver that has built in gyro for 40USD (everything is preset and work from the box), so only worth the money if you have a very expensive radio that you want to keep using.
Installed gyro as per instructions. Installation is pretty much usual except for placing the gyro on it's side. We could not get the Aux channel to operate correctly. We opted to use the onboard manual pot for gain adjustment and disconnected the single yellow wire from the Rx Aux channel. I suspect there are issues with some brand servos/radios for using this Aux channel for remote gain adjustment. Gyro functions correctly for 1/4 the price of another brand name gyro. Telebee has been manufacturing gyros for a long time. I used one of their products back in the 70's in a Heli.
Works great with my BMS-621 High Speed Servo . Fitted in a Flysky GT3C receiver and needed only 1 channel to work . My rear wheel car now is much more realistic and easier to drift . Suggest 100pcnt
I own 11 1/10 drift cars and I am always looking for a deal on quality parts I was dubious about how good these would be because of the price.
I own about 25 gyros of all brands and these telebee gyros are the best you can get !

MST are good but not 3 times the price good !
HPI are good but only have one adjustment and you must mount it correctly because you can't switch the direction like all the others and its 5 times the price.
Trackstar D-spec don't waste your money.

I have $1200 cars and I will only use telebee gyros in them.
Using two in my two stock SCT Mini-Trooper trucks. Help greatly with control. A must have for any RC car/truck!
Hi , overall great gyro but for al u traxxas or other brands of receivers. When the gyro failes to startup or just goes blinking blue. U need to cut the orange wire and fit it with a small contact switch. Then first turn on your esc receiver and within 2 seconds conect the orange wire with the contact switch ! the gyro wil now calibrate and power on. PS: digital servo mode for digital servo !!! analog servo wil burn !!

Grts from Belgium, Michael
great grip control the best for the drift, watch the walls!!!!
As a starting drifter i'd seen the video's of other folk and seen some skilled people at the local track, but those skills are the opposite of my skills.
This device is like a god-mode in a game. For the beginner-drifter like me, it's a helpful way to keep the car on the track while drifting.
I've also tested it on my Sakura XI which is technical/speed specced and it's a good helping hand for coming out of the corners. On a 125 meter track, i got a 3 second improvement on the first run which was only for testing and it came right out of the box.
In short, if you are a beginner or a pro, this can help you a lot.
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