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Thermal Scout Lift Finder for R/C Gliders

Thermal Scout Lift Finder for R/C Gliders

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Nothing matches the feeling of piloting your R/C glider higher and higher powered only by invisible lifting currents of warming air – thermals.  The Thermal Scout greatly aids your ability to find thermals by indicating when your plane is rising in lifting air.  When your plane enters lift, the Thermal Scout will swing the plane’s rudder from side to side.  This creates an overall rocking motion that allows you to see when you’ve entered a thermal.  The invisible becomes visible!

You control the Thermal Scout using an extra channel on your transmitter.  Once you have found lift, switch off the unit and circle in the rising air.  At any time you can switch the system back on and the waving rudder will verify that you are still in lift.

Wags the rudder & rocks the wings to indicate lift
Installs between your receiver and rudder servo
Smaller than a postage stamp; only 1/8 oz.
Uses atmospheric air-pressure sensing to measure lift (the same technology as our popular How High altimeter)
For all R/C gliders and motorgliders;  works with V-tails and flying wings too

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