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Zona Thin Slot Aluminum Miter Box and Fine Razor Saw Set

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Zona Thin Slot Aluminum Miter Box and Fine Razor Saw Set

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Made in the USA, Zona hand tools are one of the leading brands in the hobby tool market, they are precision tools made with the highest quality materials. The range of tools for modellers is very extensive, there is something available for general work up to the more specialised individual tasks and looked after they will give you many years of excellent service.

The Zona Thin Slot Aluminum Miter Box and Fine Kerf razor saw are perfect for cutting square ends and mitered corners. The miter box has 30, 45 and 90 degree angles for accurate cuts with the fine kerf saw. It also includes a beveled slot for holding tubing and dowels and slots for holding narrow strips, the depth of cut is 15/16" and maximum width for material is 2". The Zona Universal Fine Kerf Razor Saw 42 TPI (Teeth Per Inch) has a steel back for stability and a cutting depth of 1 3/16". It is perfect for pull stroke super smooth cuts in wood, soft metals and plastics without splitting or causing ragged edges.

Please note: The blades are not replaceable or interchangeable.

Specs (Miter Box):
Cutting Angles: 30/45/90 degrees
Slot Thickness: .014" (.355mm)
Overall Length: 6 1/2"(165mm)
Holds materials: 15/16" to 2" (24mm to 51mm)
Cutting Depth: 15/16"(24mm)

Specs (Razor Saw):
Length of Blade: 6 1/4"(159mm)
Cutting Depth: 1 3/16"(30mm)
Blade Thickness: .010"(.254mm)
Teeth Per Inch: 42

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