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TrackStar 1/12 and 1/10th Scale Quick Tweak Station

TrackStar 1/12 and 1/10th Scale Quick Tweak Station


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Another addition to the TrackStar Professional setup tools is available now!

If you want your RC machine have best performance, setting of the chassis is extremely important! Fine-tuning the set-up will even make your machine go faster and often easier to drive near its performance limit. But before you can have your best set-up, you needed to know the tweak amount on your chassis. Tweak on the chassis will lead you to have a inaccurate setting. Trackstar is now introduce you the Quick Tweak Station.

With this Quick Tweak Station, you will easily noticed how much your chassis have been tweated. Just simply put the car on the station and the level indicator will show you the tweat amount, so that you can compensate the tweak problem by changing different adjustments on the car, such as ride height, downstops, and many others.

• Fits all 1/10 & 1/12 on-road cars
• Can measure from 180~270mm (lenght) and 160~220mm (Width) chassis
• Strong and lightweight
• Ball-bearing supported
• Precise aluminum bases with laser marking
• Adjustable threaded feet
• Precise spirit level
• Zipper enclosed carrying case included for storage and protection


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The ball bearing is the wrong size!
The installed ball bearing measures 10*4, but it needs 10*5
And like the other review said, the rotating part is not balanced. You need to balance it your self with putty or similar
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verified_user Quality
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Nicely made and nicely finished, as it comes out of the box not useable.

In Australia this device would be deemed not fit for purpose, why do you ask, because Trackstar do not balance the pivoting end with the balance bubble, the balance bubble side is so much heavier than the other side of the bar it would be impossible to put a car on it to check the tweak because the bubble side wants to go down and applies excessive upward pressure on the other wheel.

I have always been happy with the products that I have purchased from this company, not with this one because now I have to try and balance this thing, does anybody in Hobbyking product test this stuff? if the postage costs were not so high I would return it.

I do think that I can balance it, but it should still come out of the Factory in a useable state, not good enough Trackstar

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