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Turnigy 1080W 100~120V Power Supply (13.8V~18V - 60amp)

Turnigy 1080W 100~120V Power Sup...

Serious power for heavy duty charging!
The Turnigy 1080W power supply features adjustable power output (13.8V to 18V DC) making it an extremely versatile power supply. This power supply also features four outputs and is suitable for powerin...

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Serious power for heavy duty charging!

The Turnigy 1080W power supply features adjustable power output (13.8V to 18V DC) making it an extremely versatile power supply. This power supply also features four outputs and is suitable for powering 4 chargers up to 1080W (combined). The HobbyKing 1080W power supply also features over current and over temperature protection and warning LEDs.

This unit is ideal for running multiple chargers without the need for having separate power supplies. It is also perfect for powering high wattage chargers to charge at high rates or parallel charge multiple batteries.

Input Voltage: 100~120V AC
Output Voltage: 13.8v~18v DC (adjustable)
Output Amps: 60A
Output Watts: 1080W
Temperature Cutoff:
Cooling:  Dual Fan
Dimensions: 258 x 138 x 73mm (case size)
Weight: 2.388kg


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This power supply is very robust and provides all the power I need for my Quattro charger and my tenergy tb6 and could still power more.
This baby is the cat's meow when it comes to charging. I have 3 double taps hooked up and could easily run a 4th. Top quality and a must have for those who charge a lot of batteries.
Love this power supply. its so quiet! Fan only comes on when needed. So much nicer than my other one that runs the fans at full blast all the time
Working good so far for the price
I was looking for a bench top DC power supply and the products I found locally were very expensive and topped out at 800 watts. After reading the reviews about this power supply I went ahead and ordered it and I am glad I did. OUt of the box it provides 17.59v and it powers two Turnigy V2 400 watt chargers without any problems.
This unit seems to be of utmost quality, but could use two improvements. The cooling fans cycle fairly quickly, turning on and off about once every 30 seconds under a moderate/heavy load. If the fans ran at a low RPM all the time to remain quiet, then speeding up when needed would be awesome. The other thing is all four output voltages are adjusted by the same adjustment. It would be nice to have the 60 amp side and the 10 amp sides have their own seperate voltage control to be able to run some smaller 12v (max) chargers at the same time as the 18-24v (max) chargers.
Just got mine in the mail. Tested it out and it works great. A little larger than I thought it would be, but not too big. I use it with an icharger 306b and tested it at 13.8v 28.8 amp charge. Never gets warm. Be aware the voltage adjustment is very fine, so it takes many turns to raise or lower the voltage output. It adjusts in .01 volt increments. Also, the cooling fans are a little strange. When the unit is under load, the fans only come on for a couple of seconds at a time (on-off-on-off every few seconds), which seems a little weird, since they are quite noisy and get your attention every time. Most likely either the temperature threshold for on and off are set too close together or the temp probe is directly in the airflow making it cool too quickly to stay on. However, this doesn't seem to impede the units cooling ability. But for this price, that issue can be overlooked. Quality unit, very satisfied!
If I was newbie shopping for a PSU this is the one to buy. Not that I'd use all of it's capability right off but this is the last PSU I'd ever need to buy. It's quite, seems to be very well made, voltage output can be adjusted with amazing precision. The ONLY thing that could make it better would be if the voltage output could be adjusted for each pair of plugs individually.

I've been using mine for a couple weeks and it's been superlative in every way.
This thing is beautifull, its beefy heavy as a brick and privides stable voltage from 13.8V to 17.8V. The quality is there you can feel it. The fan does not turn on unless necessary. I highly recomend this PSU. It came in on overpack box, with foam over the product, just like servers when they are shipped. If you are shopping for PSU, get this one, its the last one you will ever need to buy.
Simple advice with this unit, turn the power off before disconecting charger, it scared the crap out of me the first time I didn't turn the power off before disconecting the charger, it sparks and snaps so bad
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