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Turnigy Heat Shrink Tube 5mm Yellow (1m)

Turnigy Heat Shrink Tube 5mm Yel...

Turnigy Heat Shrink Tube 5mm Yellow (1m)


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Turnigy Heat Shrink Tube 5mm Yellow (1m)


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Very affordable heat shrink, especially if you are already placing an order and have some room to add more weight to the order!
More heat shrink I heat it up and it shrinks.. Go figure..
Only used a little so far, but appears to be durable,does not burn easily. Will report later on longevity. Nice tight fit. Rokcster
I really cant buy a better product at this price
Price and quality are right. I can recommend to everyone. Only in the measure dear Hobbyking team, you should be more specific!
Otimos termos para acabamento em Esc
This product is very good, but the work is necessary to choose the correct size, otherwise very difficult to work with, there are problems with the seal of isolated contacts.
Very good quality heat shrink tube the perfect size for 3.5mm or 4mm bullet connectors as well as Deans T connectors and XT 60 connectors - the different colours are great to differentiate motor cables
This shrink tube isn't your run of the mill stuff you get at Radio Shack or's high quality, thick, durable stuff. It also seems to resist melting from overheating which I tend to do when watching TV and soldering at the same time ;) This is all I use now...I just ordered 3 meters of every size and keep it all in a ziplock can never have enough sized of colors of heat shrink!!!!!!!!!!
Good material. High quality, same as in LS, but cheaper. Good to fill up your box if you have some spare weight free without going the step in shipping costs.
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