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Turnigy 9XR PRO Radio Transmitter Mode 2 (without module)

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Turnigy 9XR PRO Radio Transmitter Mode 2 (without module)


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Developed by a team of RC hardware and software gurus, the Turnigy 9XR set out to upset the 'big boys' in the industry by bringing to market a radio that is packed full of features at an extremely affordable price. Now we have the Turnigy 9XR PRO, the next revolution in radio systems!

True to the ethos of the original, the 9XR PRO still offers great value but we have completely overhauled this radio to make it even more powerful based on customer feedback. Working with a crack team of R/C specialists, we've made additions such as a USB and SD card slot, voice and vibration feedback as well as making this radio telemetry capable.

You're unlikely to 'outgrow' this radio anytime soon. The new SD Card is used to store your custom sound files, telemetry data logging, model storage and firmware updates. If you're techy this radio will keep you busy unlocking new features, but if you just want to 'go out and fly', this radio is easier to program than ever!

The specs "speak" for themselves, the People's radio just got even better!

9XR Pro Added Features:
• ARM version of er9x radio firmware with EESKYPE simulater GUI support
• 24 channel support
• 48 free mixes
• Expo, Triple rates, Curves settings
• Voice alerts
• Telemetry display
• Atmel SAM3S ARM Cortex M3 , 32 bit Micro-controller , 512K flash , 64Kb of SRAM
• 4Mb EEprom for 30+ model storage 
• Micro SD card (Included)  
• Mini USB port, for access to SD card files and radio programing 
• 1/2 Watt Audio Amplifier with digital control. 
• RS232 Serial Port for External telemetry connection through Futaba trainer jack. (for DHT ,DXT) 
• Logic level Serial Port for external Blue Tooth modules (HC-06,RN42)
• Dimable LED Back light
• Haptic Buzzer (pager vibrator) for trim center alert and alarm notifications
• Real "Tact" switches on menu keys, give positive feedback indication
• Built in bootloader. (Firmware can be updated in less than 15 seconds!)
• Full built-in Telemetry support for the latest RF modules. New DSM modules coming soon.
• Speaker and headphone outputs
• Ball Bearing gimbals
• Digital Trims
• Assignable Switches
• Freely Assignable Channel Mixes
• Graphical Dual Rate, Sub trims, travel adjust and Exponential
• Supports Heli/Aero/Glider and custom Model Types
• Programming templates based on model type
• Supports M1, M2, M3, M4 stick modes
• 128 x 64 backlit Liquid Crystal Display
• Built in JR & Futaba Trainer Ports
• JR Form Factor RF Modules (ORX Dsm2, ORX Open LRS 433Mhz etc)
• Programmable warnings
• 1.5Amp, 5V main switching regulator, with wide input voltage (6.5 - 30V)  (uses 3S lipo connection same as 9XR)
• Rotary encoder with push switch port (rotary encoder not included - user upgrade)
• Support for 6-way switch and more 3 way switches. (User upgrade)
• And so much more!!

A full set of user manuals and user videos are available to help learn how to use this powerful radio. Online support and user forums available at:

Channnel: Up to 24 supported
Display: 128*64LCD (dimmable Backlit)
Support Type: Heli/Acro/Glid/Custom
Model Memory: 30+
Stick modes: 1, 2, 3, 4
Encoder type: ppm/pcm
Module Interface: JR Compatible (See Related Items Below)
Simulator Interface: Yes (JR & Futaba)
Buzzer/Speaker: Yes
Battery Compartment: 112 x 44 x 27mm
Weight (less battery & Rf Module): 723g 

3S Lipo Battery
RF Module

Turnigy 9XR PRO Transmitter (Mode 2 – Throttle on Left Stick)
Quick Start guide 

*Note: This version is supplied without an RF Module, please order the relevant RF module from the accessories list below.
**Note: To use the telemetry with FrSky modules the optional plug in cable is required.

  • Turnigy 9XR PRO Radio Transmitter Mode 2
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro Radio Transmitter
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro Radio Transmitter
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro
  • Turnigy 9XR Pro add two 3 position switchs
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Phil54630 | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Radiocommande defectueuse

Feb 02, 2020

Le manche des gaz, ne fonctionne pas. J'ai renvoyé la radiocommande au service après vente

Jose Manuel | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Falla el interruptor de encendido.

Mar 30, 2018

Vaya, que poco me ha durado la alegría. El interruptor de encendido empieza a fallar. Hay que darle muchas veces hasta que al final enciende. Ya no me da ninguna seguridad.

Derick | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good price

Nov 26, 2017

Good cost x benefit, but constructive quality leaves something to be desired.

sergiy | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

bad quality ! problem with the sticks and impossible to calibrate

Oct 26, 2017

bad quality ! problem with the sticks and impossible to calibrate

Uncle Fester | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great Value

Sep 04, 2017

The throttle stick doesn't have a detent so I soldered a small wire horizontally on the tension spring and adjusted the resistance by changing the mounting screws hight.
I'm using the latest ER Sky 9X test builds with great success. Documentation is a bit scattered so expect a learning curve with lots of research. YouTube is a great resource.
The DIY Multi-Protocol 4-1 TX Module works after some trial and frustration.
Overall, I'm very pleased with this setup.

Zibberman | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Best semi advanced TX for new pilots

Jul 23, 2017

This is the second 9XR PRO I've ordered now as they are very good for people like me who are still new to drone racing and acro. It's a very robust TX with a pretty good layout and enough switches to setup whatever RC craft you have. You can save up to 60 craft in the main memory plus with the sdcard you can save a massive amount of model setups. I also like the fact you can use a 3s battery with a discharge rating of 25c which I tried while I waited for the 3s TX battery I'd forgotten to buy at the same time.

It runs ARM version of er9x radio firmware which is similar to the OpenTX that comes installed on Taranis transmitters which allows you to go right into your TX and change all sorts of different things from voice files to things like protocols. The module bay is JR which allows the use of many different modules which gives you much more scope for using different recievers. I use a 4in1 Multi Protocol Modulator in my 9XR PRO which has allowed me to use almost every reciever you can think of.

I did modify my first 9XR PRO by painting the raised lines on the 3 POS dials because it was hard to see when they were centered and updating the firmware but apart from that it was great to use straight out of the box. So to sum this TX up, I would highly recommend this transmitter if your looking for something bigger than a basic 6ch TX costing around £50 but not as expensive as a Taranis which is similar to the 9XR PRO.

Jose | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

good radio quality/price

Jun 19, 2017

The radio it's ok for the price I paid (54 euros) It work fine but I think some quality and design issues has to be pointed.
Flight mode switch loose after 4 uses.
Battery cover very easy to get loose and fall, you guys be sure on put some extra fix on it. In my bad luck it fell, and happens to be on an unreachable crack in the middle of nowhere. so,now I have no cover. if someone can help in find a replacement it will be appreciated.

Rubio. | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Muy recomendable.

May 27, 2017

Calidad precio inmejorable. Me ha sorprendido gratamente.

Zibberman2003 | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

One transmitter to rule them all

Feb 12, 2017

For its low sales price with no modulator or battery this transmitter is right up there with the big boys. It comes with erSky9x installed stick it's pretty usable, but if you update the firmware which itself takes no time is very simple. The new firmware also increases the model memory to 60 from the 20 or so stock model memory which is great if like me you have an ever growing fleet of drones. I also purchased my modulator from banggood it's the 4in1 multi protocol modulator ( and after a little soldering and a tiny firmware update I plugged it into the back of the 9XR PRO and turned it on, after a little search I found the info required for my eachine e010 and started flying it with this transmitter. The combination of this transmitter and that 4in1 multi protocol modulator turn it into a transmitter capable of running every rc protocol out there, which means all your indoor and toy drones can all be operated from this one transmitter, or to put it in plain English, you can control over 500+ models. Why pay silly money for a transmitter made by one of the big boys when you can get everything they offer when this transmitter and some little mods and tweaks your 9XR PRO will do the same and more. So if your looking for a new transmitter you can rest assure that this could be all the transmitter you'll ever need.

Dan | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Nice buy

Jan 06, 2017

Using with the FrSky XJT and X4R, all works well. Haven't had to explore too many of the features as yet. Sticks all feel quite solid and nice.

Customer files
SD acrd with correct voice files Download [1]
9XR Pro: Using Eepskye Program Download [775]
9XR Pro: Using Voice with Ersky9x Download [2432]
Govnigy 9XR Download [219]
Govnigy 9XR Download [219]
Manual - 9XR Pro (English) Download [5366]
9xr pro using non-stock wire for telemet Download [112]
No File Name Download [1139]
9XR Pro Communicating with computer 2014 Download [450]
9XR Pro First Steps with Ersky9x 2014-04 Download [1266]
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