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Turnigy nano-tech 4400mah 4S 65~130C Lipo Pack w/XT-90

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Turnigy nano-tech 4400mah 4S 65~130C Lipo Pack w/XT-90


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More than just a fancy name. TURNIGY nano-tech Lipoly batteries were designed from the ground up with serious performance in mind. Utilising an advanced LiCo nano-technology substrate that allows electrons to pass more freely from anode to cathode with less internal impedance. In short; less voltage sag and a higher discharge rates than a similar density lithium polymer (non nano-tech) batteries.

For those that love graphs, it means higher voltage under load, straighter discharge curves and excellent performance. For pilots it spells stronger throttle punches and unreal straight-up performance. Excellent news for 3D pilots! 

Unfortunately with other big brands; numbers, ratings and graphs can be fudged. Rest assured, TURNIGY nano-techs are the real deal, delivering unparalleled performance!

Lithium Polymer batteries are used in many RC hobby industries. Over the last few years, Lipo batteries have become the most popular battery choice for anyone looking for a longer run time and higher power.

Lipo batteries weigh less and can be made into almost any size or shape. Lipo batteries have higher capacities, hold more power and have a higher discharge rate, meaning they pack more punch. For safe use and storage of Lipo batteries, you need to follow the rules and treat the batteries with the respect they deserve.

Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage: 4S1P / 4 Cell / 14.8V
Discharge: 65C Constant / 130C Burst
Weight: 527g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 153 x 49 x 33mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT-90

Advantages over traditional Lipoly batteries;
• Power density reaches 7.5 kw/kg.
• Less Voltage sag during high rate discharge, giving more power under load.
• Internal impedance can reach as low as 1.2mO compared to that of 3mO of a standard Lipoly.
• Greater thermal control, pack usually doesn’t exceed 60degC
• Swelling during heavy load doesn’t exceed 5%, compared to 15% of a normal Lipoly.
• Higher capacity during heavy discharge. More than 90% at 100% C rate.
• Fast charge capable, up to 15C on some batteries.
• Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.

The nano-core technology in lithium ion batteries is the application of nanometer conductive additives. The nanometer conductive additives form ultra-strong electron-conducting networks in the electrodes which can increase electronic conductivity.

These additives create the ability for imbibition in the carrier liquid to supply more ion channels. This improves the ability of ion transmission and ion diffusion. Through improving electronic conductivity and ion transmission, the impedance is reduced and the polarization of high rate discharge decreases greatly.

  • Capacity (mAh) 4400.00
  • Discharge(c) 65.00
  • Max Charge Rate(C) 8.00
  • Length-A(mm) 153.00
  • Height-B(mm) 49.00
  • Width-C(mm) 33.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-12


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damjaco | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Dec 04, 2022

Beste lipo

Troy | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

good buy

Jul 29, 2021

High quality and safe flight guaranteed :)

Swampdawg | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great buy

May 12, 2021

Great battery for my outrigger boat.
Made it go real quick now.

Swampdawg | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Excellent battery!

May 12, 2021

Got it for my outrigger boat. Makes it go pretty hard and fast.
Great value item

Nigel. C | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Nano-tech 4400 4s

May 07, 2021

Quality product at reasonable price

TIMI | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Excellente qualité

Apr 22, 2021

Excellente qualité, ne gonflent pas comme les Graphenes utilisées dans les mêmes conditions, et qui sont pourtant plus chères.

Fabryking | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Jan 21, 2021

il top come sempre

Craig | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Really good quality battery

Oct 06, 2020

Really great quality battery which came well packaged with all the necessary instructions and warnings clearly marked.
I will definitely be buying another nano-tech battery.

battery | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

After installing terminals to fit my aircraft all worked great!

Jul 07, 2020

Great fit for my aircraft.

Fastrcboat | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Review on nano-Tech 4.4 Ah

Aug 27, 2019

I had used over 20 pcs of this same type of battery before. My latest purchase of one Nano-tech 4.4 is disappointing. After first discharge and recharge only fill the battery to 4300 mah. This is the first time that only recharged to less that the rated capacity. After 15 discharge-charge cycles, now the battery is only good for less than 50% of its capacity. Very disappointing. Besides, this battery is not available on the US warehouse, making the replacement difficult.

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