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Turnigy dlux 40A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller w/Data Logging

Turnigy dlux 40A SBEC Brushless ...

Turnigy® dlux SBEC ESCs have set a new bench mark in quality and performance. Each ESC uses a twin PCB design separating the motor power supply, MCU and SBEC. This design allows for optimum component layout on each PCB and provides the ideal c...

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Turnigy® dlux SBEC ESCs have set a new bench mark in quality and performance. Each ESC uses a twin PCB design separating the motor power supply, MCU and SBEC. This design allows for optimum component layout on each PCB and provides the ideal configuration for heat dissipation and thermal efficiency. Both PCBs are enclosed in a full aluminum heat sink casing to ensure maximum heat dispersion. All Turnigy dlux ESCs can be programmed via a programing card or by transmitter. Clear and easy to understand instructions are included.

*Now featuring data logging viewable when used with Turnigy dlux programming box.

Data logging display parameters:
Max Temperature
Environment Temperature
Max Current
Min Current
Max Voltage
Min Voltage
Nominal Voltage
Off Voltage
Motor Run Time
Power on Time
Motor Pole Number
Max Motor RPM
Error Times

Max Cont. Current: 40A
Max Burst Current: 50A
Max BEC Current: 3A
BEC Voltage: 5.5v
LiPo: 2~6S
NiMH: 5~16 cells
Weight: 54 grams
Max RPM (2-pole): 200,000rpm
Size: 45.5 x 33 x 23mm
Motor Plug: Female 3.5mm bullet Connection
Battery Plug: Nil

Extremely low internal resistance
Very low operation temperature
Over temperature protection
APEC MoSfets (Taiwain)

Programming Options.
Battery Type: 2S~6S
Soft Start
LV Cut off Type (Ignore, Reduce Power, Stop Motor)
LV Cut off setting (2.5~3.5v in 0.1v increments)
Timing (Auto, Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Very Hgh)
Switching (8,16kHz)
Factory Restore
Active RPM Control: On/Off (Governor Mode)

Default factory settings.
Brake: off
Battery: LiPo Auto Detect
Low Voltage: 3.2v (power down motor)
Timing: Auto
Frequency: 8KHz

Note: Programming box now available, check the related items below.


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As mentioned by a previous reviewer, my first impressions are that this is quite a large, hefty lump for "only" a 40amp ESC - if compared with an equivalent Turnigy Plush etc... but wow, what a solid, well finished little lump with an all-round aluminium heatsink & sturdy plastic end-cap, half enclosing the capacitors... no scrappy red heat-shrink wrapped around this fella. I've only just received it & haven't yet put connectors on the power leads & fired it up, but as I have several other, larger Dlux ESCs, I 've every confidence that its performance will not disappoint. It oozes ruggedness & quality AND its a nice regular cuboid shape with a large, solid, flat base for easy mounting ... at under eight quid, as it is currently. I might just buy a few more for stock.
readable instructions even for beginers
What can i say, wow this is a great ESC, use with the programming box to see tons of useful data !
very well cling only to the double sided adhesive tape.
Very versatile, simple programming with board (needed to read data log). Nice open cooling ribs against overheating
super simple to set up with the programer box. data logger is a neat feature to

Der Regler zeichnet sich durch eine geringe Erwrmung aus.DATA-Logging ermglicht eine exakte Kontrolle. Sehr zu empfehlen. Gute Programmierung mit der Box.
Great ESC, nice response, stays cool, purchased with Dlux programmer and found it easy to program. I like this one so much that I also bought the 70Amp Dlux for a larger project. Flown with Turnigy 3548/6 motor and NanoTech 3300mah battery. Maiden and more:
a very good Governor
Super! I have a very poorly resolved cooling, powering through BEC 6 micro servos even at temperatures around 30st.C packaging only lukewarm. Order more!
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