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Turnigy Dual Power Unit for large scale models

Turnigy Dual Power Unit for larg...

Turnigy Power Unit for Large scale models.

In large scale planes safety is paramount. Thats why you need a strong power system with dual regulators to ensure uninterrupted control.



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Turnigy Power Unit for Large scale models.
In large scale planes safety is paramount. Thats why you need a strong power system with dual regulators to ensure uninterrupted control.
Works with any radio
More power to all servos
Dual linear voltage regulator with high current output
6.2V/6.7V selectable, 8A direct power for High-drain servos
5.3V, 5A supply power to the receiver /Gyro /smaller servos
Heavy duty 16AWG input.
Compatible with standard servo plugs JR/Futaba.
Accepts 7.4V to 12.6V battery pack input voltage.
Weight: 89g



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Perfect alternative for other top brand power unit that can break your wallet.
I use 2 of these for my 50cc pilot-rc sbach.
At that moment I only had 5 of 35kg servos in hand, I know it is an overkill, but I can't wait to get another smaller torque servo.
This 35kg servo can draw almost 3 Amperes.
You can use 2 of these on 1 transmitter, how?

Decide which unit you will use to supply the RX unit, lets say this is A unit.
And B unit is the other one.
I use 2 aileron and throttle on A unit, rudder and elevator on unit A,
MAKE SURE you CUT the POSITIVE( /middle/red) wire on the jumper cable from TX to the power unit.
I use RX power channel on unit B to power my ignition and it works fine, I have no problem with my T8FG FASST Futaba radio system.
The disctance between ignition system to the power unit is less than 4" or 10cm. I didn't have any servo glitch.
So far I am very happy with it, I can get 10 of this compare 1 to the other brand and yet the same result.
Works and gives the required power.
There is a bit of speculation and mis-information about this product here. Let's see if I can clear a few things up.


This is NOT a "four channels" only product.

Rather it provides 8 amps of power to four sets of pin-outs. You can use this device as you wish for MORE than four channels... read on.


The "input" side also provides 5 amps of power to your connected device.

So if you plug your receiver's aileron output to one of the power unit's input channels, your receiver and everything connected to it, get 5A of power.


Treat the "input" pins as power sources.


It works fine and maybe best with 3S LiPo packs. Regulators have better "reserves" when the supply voltage is on the higher side of their specified range.


6.2 - 6.7 volts is perfect for 6v servos.

Remember that these devices are designed to work with 6v battery packs. On a fully charged 6v battery the voltage will go as high as 8.2v initially. It drops off once a load is put on the battery.

6.2 - 6.7 is well within specs for 6v devices.


I wanted to power a 50cc biplane and used this unit with great success. I hooked up one aileron channel of the RX to channel 1 input on the power unit. I hooked up the other aileron channel ( so I can get differential ) to channel 2 input on the power unit. I hooked up the ailerons via two"Y" cables to p
Exellente producto lo coloque en un sbach 342 de goldwing y funciona de maravilla!
Ademas muy buen precio y exellente prestaciones.
Super regulateur surtout pour moi je l'instala dans hk 500 avec tout un materiel a bort telemetrie et plusplusplus
affidabile centralina a costo invidiabile
j'en ai achet un pour le tester, et aprs avoir branch 4 servo digitaux chargs chacun avec 2 3 kg de poids 2 cms.
le courant d'appel oscillait entre 4 et 5 ampres. pendant plusieurs minutes, il chauffe un peu, c'est normal, mais pas de problme, il supporte au moins 4 ampres sans se couper ou bruler !
peut tre ai je eu de la chance et suis je tomb sur un exemplaire plus fiable qu'un autre ???
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I use this little and inexpensive gadget to secure the current on my receivers, they handle the current to your servos very well, I four 2200 mAh (two packs of 2 in parallel) Li Ion batteries and they work perfectly, the only thing I would recommend Turnigy is to verify that each one of the modules includes the bridge joiner for the voltage selection (6.2 or 6.7) as the last 4 that I have ordered have been missing. Other than that I love these units they work great and gives me a sense of confidence with my large planes.
perfecto para aviones gran escala
My Giant quarter scale electric Spitfire flies using one of these. Never a moments worry. Has 2 flap, 2aileron.2elevator &1 rudder servos. These are rated at 7 VOLTS, so 6.7 is spot on. The reciever & retract servo are on the 5.3V feed. I make my own extension & Y-leads. I do not use any switches in the radio equipment. I simply plug in a 2-cell lipo, test the radio systems, then I fit the Motor batteries + battery telemetry (Quanum) and go fly.
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