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Turnigy Fabrikator 3D Printer (EU Plug)

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Turnigy Fabrikator 3D Printer (EU Plug)

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Turnigy Fabrikator, our worst kept secret is here; what we didn’t leak out was how good it is. This is the best value for money printer on the market with the features and quality of printers three times the price. 

No longer is 3D printing technology the exclusive realm of hard-core technophiles and industrial designers, it is now accessible to anybody with a computer and the ability to put flat pack furniture together. Whether you are into planes, multi-rotors, cars, boats, helicopters, robotics, trains or even anime figurines the Fabrikator will soon become your most versatile tool. Can’t find that rare part for your old model or you just want to modify an existing piece? Now you can print what you want, when you want it.

Turnigy Fabrikator is able to use the ABS and PLA filaments already available from a HobbyKing warehouse near you and can print high quality finishes achievable at 150mm/sec. Gone are the days of setting the printer before you go to bed and hoping the job is finished when you get up. 3D printers used to be just for pre-production models and proof of concept for designs, but now you can design, print and use the part in all sorts of applications.

This incredibly well engineered printer featuring a rock solid frame, super stable quad rail supported print plate, high quality NEMA Class motors, removable glass print platform and twin belt Y axis drives means you are able to print highly accurate pieces time and time again, without the need for constant mechanical adjustments.

This is not just a great machine, we have taken it a step further and have created a series of videos that will guide you step-by-step to build and set up your printer along with a unique live dynamic and updatable trouble shooting guide that is available under the files tab below, but because the Fabrikator is so simple to use you won’t be needing much help.

To make the Fabrikator as affordable as possible for you we have designed it as a simple to put together flat pack kit, which if you follow the excellent manual in conjunction with the video series you will have it built in a few hours. It’s so easy we got our least technical staff member to put one together and he had it going in less than six hours.

• Ball bearing liner rods
• Rolled lead-screw with anti-backlash drive
• Phenolic heat stabilized bed W/removable Glass print area
• Heated print bed
• NEMA 23 and 17 motors
• 4 rod supported print plate for high speed printing
• 6 sided full printer support for high accuracy
• SD card cable free printing|
• PLA and ABS filament compatible
• Top feed anti-bind spool feed
• Twin print cooling fans
• 2A Heatsink stepper drivers with active cooling
• 220~110V A/C compatible
• Homing and Limit switches
• Full LCD GUI with on the fly tuning
• Large 150x150x100mm print area
• Dual bearing supported twin belt Y axis drive
• Heavy Duty 12Volt 29Amp Power supply
• Open Source control Architecture and support 
• Full Parts support and future expandability platform

Overall size: 360x400x600mm
Print size: 150x150x100mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Print speed: up to 300mm/sec
Print platform: Phenolic heat stabilized bed with removable glass print platform
Filament type: ABS and PLA

Filament of your choice

***Link to Manual***

  • Turnigy Fabrikator 3D Printer
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finjaskafin | Verified Buyer

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  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Dec 09, 2015

Well, things went seriously south with this one.

I purchased mine in September, and as it happens, one of the gantry bearings was binding out of the box, so I had to stop the build and contact support for a replacement bearing.

It is now 8 December, and I am still waiting for the replacement bearing. The printer has been sitting there on the table, half-built, for over two months now. A big multi-hunderd-dollar paperweight in its current state.

I made a youtube video demonstrating the problem:

Support, I am still waiting. The RMA number is 185719.

atomixpc | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Dec 01, 2015

Que vous dire , pour ou commncer. J'ai acheter cette imprimante il y a un peut plus de 4 mois et cela fait maintenant 4 mois quel ne fonctionne pas. L'imprimante a fonctionner 3 jours puis la carte arduino et la ramps4 a cramer. J'ai contacter directement le sav qui ma dit qu'ils allaient faire le n*cessaire pour m'envoyer les cartes. Aujourd*hui 4 mois plus tard Rien toujours rien malgr* de nombreuse relance. Je trouve cela pitoyable sachant que j'ai d*penser *norm*ment d'argent ici , on ne ma m*me pas proposer un *change alors que l'imprimante avait 3jours. Maintenant question qualit* d*impression passer votre tour j'ai fabriquer la mienne pour bien moin ch*re et largement plus pr*cis de la qualit*

Rober-t | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Sep 24, 2015

This printer is really great, although it needs some tweaks:

1.) The lower Z-Axis Endpoint is not working -> put it up a little or the printer may crash!!

2.) When assembling the Z-Axis screw, put the brass nut in a LOWER position or the z-axis will have too much friction!

3.) Replace the original A4988 drivers with DRV8825 (flip Pot to the other side)

4.) Double up the Steps per mm in the configuration file of the Firmware, as you have doubled up the precision now (XY 160 Z 3200 E 168)

5.) Tune the potentiometers on the DRV8825 drivers to match the motors, take your time, you need the best amps for max power but not burning the motors. I have set it to 0.44V

6.) Use the foam of the packaging for isulation while printing ABS!

7.) Use lithium grease for z and sewing machine oil for x and y

8.) Take about 2 hours to fine tune the table-extruder height or you will have snowplowing or bad adhesion problems in the end

9.) Don't exceed around 80mm/s when printing, as long as you don't have a bowden extruder

With these tweaks you will get a printing quality close to the ultimaker !!!

Elmar | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Sep 07, 2015

For this price you get no better Printer.
After a little adjustment you get a reely good Printer for this Price.
Please take no Hairspray to fix your PLA or ABS on Heatbed.
It is not good for the Printer and looks terrible on the Acryl Glass.
Better you take Masking tape (I dont no the exactly name for this special tape, in German its Malerkreppband) It works better than Hairspray an you have a Clean Printer.

Jim | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Sep 01, 2015

This is a great printer. Assembly with the aid of the videos was a piece of cake and had fun building it. Works really well & produced already some custom parts for the hobby. If the printsize is smaller... being more creative helps. :)

Michael | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 28, 2015

Great product, arrives in 2 days from Holland. With the Manual and the really great Videos the Assembling was very easy. The qualyty of the parts are very good and they are all matched together. The Tools that can sold seperatly are not 30 Euro worth, poor qualitiy, the hex wrenches are loos. All in all a great deal with that Thing..

Fg Dude | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 27, 2015

I have one, and I'm very please with the quality of this printer, I have taken my time to assemble, and follow strictly the assembly vids on youtube, no problems here at all.
Did not do the FW update, and dont use the Usb and powercord at the same time.
Reading the forums helps to keep you out of troubles like not use the two power source at the same time, so do read them as much as you can
All works well so far, and if something works good, don't mess with it ! !

Thomas | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 25, 2015

I was a little sceptiv before I bought it and the first few prints. Always watched all of the parts closely during the print, in case any problems occur that need a emergency stop. :P

Ive printed some smaller detailed and bigger objects since then and Im quiete impressed. Yes, I had the Z axis problem but it never occured during printing and I get pretty fine results despite the heavy print head. My other printer is a german reprap neo witch seems to be a little more precise on X and Y but all in all this printer is an enjoyment to build and prints very effective. Even the hardest overhangs with PLA on the heated glass bed are working out well.

Pay attention during the build and take your time.

eu-cust | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 23, 2015

First 3d printer. Saw the videos and used the manual for assembly. Take time to unscrew/ screw again some bolts to align all as stated. Grease the rods. And all will be fine.
PLA is easy to print. ABS failed with Esun and great with another manufacturer (less brittle). 180/60 for PLA, 230/110 for ABS and Hairspray ! Not so noisy. Cura 14 is great. Sketchup do the job as i'm a beginner. Very good finish of the printed objects. Very happy. Thanks

Serdar | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 15, 2015

Works great, adjustement of printing bed is essential. If you dont have a gauge, try a folded 80g sheet of printer paper. I am waiting for an upgrade for getting a larger printing area.200x200x150 would be wonderful, i didnt think so many parts would be larger than 150mm.

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