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Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Hex (KIT)

Turnigy Integrated PCB Micro-Hex...

This tiny yet brilliantly designed Micro-Hex features an integrated PCB frame, Simply bolt on the motors then solder your choice of 6amp ESC directly to the frame!

An integrated power distribution system is also included making for ...

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This tiny yet brilliantly designed Micro-Hex features an integrated PCB frame, Simply bolt on the motors then solder your choice of 6amp ESC directly to the frame!

An integrated power distribution system is also included making for one of the neatest electronics installs around. All mounting hardware and frame components are included in the kit. All you will require to have this little monster in the air is six Turnigy T1811-2900kv motors, six 6Amp ESCs, a set of 5x3 Micro-quad props (3 clock wise and 3 counter clockwise) an 800mah 2s 7.4v Lipoly battery, a HobbyKing Multi-rotor control board and your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx).

Light weight design.
Integrated PCB for tidy component installation.
Includes a full set of frame and mounting hardware.

Flying Weight: 145g (not including RX and battery)
Width: 250mm
Height: 85mm

6 x Turnigy T1811-2900kv
6 x 6Amp ESC
6 x 5x3 Prop (3CW & 3CCW)
1 x HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board
1 x 800Mah 2s 7.4v Lipoly battery
24 x M2x8 Bolts (for motor)
24 x M2 lock nuts (for motor)
Your own transmitter and 4 channel receiver.


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Good kit, but not click together. Used medium cyano on some of the parts
Nice compact quad. What more at .99
this is my first multi roto so very new to me
Amazing! My favorite build yet. I am VERY new to this hobby (still a toddler, if you will), but everyone that saw this hex fly was impressed, and I think a little afraid of it due to it's speed and noise factor. I used a naze32 board (with no tuning), a set of six 1804-2400kv motors, six 10 amp simonk esc's, and 5030 two leaf props. I ran mine in a Hex mode. Super fast and very maneuverable. I crashed about three times from wires breaking off of the solder joints on the pcb frame. I had used motors from a previous build, plus two new ones, so maybe I had vibration issues. Next time I will use heat shrink and solder wires together directly instead of using frame. Adding a pcb on bottom with a couple cushion pads might be best, with having six motors that close together sending vibration through the frame and what not. Buying a bunch more of these! Hope this helps!!!
I bought 2 kits and made 1 hex. The frame is really bendy unless you use x2 landing triangles to support each arm. It stiffens it up without adding too much weight. I use 1811-2000KV motors on 3S and 5030 props. It handles it fine! Loads of backdraft with 6 motors spinning - fun fun! :)
ce microhexa est simple construire, j'ai utilis les moteurs recommands 1811/2900kv les esc 6A une kk2 et un microrecepteur dsm2 R410 pour spektrum
une difficulte tout de meme pour inserer les helices 5030 en force, j'ai utilise une pince reglable en appuyant doucement bien dans l'axe, prevoir 1 ou 2 paquets d'avance elle peuvent se fendre
sinon vols impeccable sans toucher au reglage usine de la kk2 juste baisser le stick scaling throttle vers 60 pour etre moins sensible sur les gaz
au decollage sans stabilisateur cela bouge pas mal avec l'effet de sol puis c'est vif mais tres controlable; avec stab c'est du gateau
pour les batteries j'avais des 800 qui tiennent 4 mn environ , avec une 1200 j'ai fait 7 mn ( 1 seul vol ce jour), je n'ai pas test de 1600
Achet pour remplacer le chassis de mon quad (achet en prt voler).

Ensemble de bonne qualit, mais un peu fragile.
Today I've got my frame.

Well, from the first sight it's nothing of Rocket Sience, but I liked it. Very well laser cut.
Couldn't help stop soildering ESC's on board. With six plush onboard it looks pretty attractive. If you do everything right, ESC's go fully covered in frame.
It's too late today, but "to be continued..."
Nice little frame,very easy to mount with the PCB,but the motor mount are fragile ,there is a way to reinforce them ,you can put 10mm spacer ate the etwenend of the motor mount and put a plate betwen the spacer and the lower centerplate (I put 2 pictures in the file section) in the same time you will lower a lot th vibrations of the engines.Another clener way to do it :buy 2 frames and put the second PCB as lower centerplatewith 10mm plastic spacer
This thing is really cool! I used the recommended motors, props and ESCs. However, instead of using a Hobby King control board, I used the KK2.0 board. I have this same board on a different quad copter and it is fantastic. It's a snap to set up on this little hexacopter and it bolts right up. I bought some nylon standoffs for the control board. I'm using Turnigy Nano-Tech 2S 1000mah batteries and this thing flies great!
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