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Turnigy Integrated PCB Mini-Hex 420mm (KIT)

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Turnigy Integrated PCB Mini-Hex 420mm (KIT)


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This tiny yet brilliantly designed Mini-Hex features an integrated PCB frame, Simply bolt on the motors then solder your choice of 12amp ESC directly to the frame!

An integrated power distribution system is also included making for one of the neatest electronics installs around. All mounting hardware and frame components are included in the kit. All you will require to have this hexcopter in the air is six Turnigy T2205-1500kv motors, six 12A ESCs, a set of 8x4.5 props (3 clock wise and 3 counter clockwise) a 1300~1800mah 3s 11.1v Lipoly battery, a HobbyKing Multi-rotor control board and your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx).

Light weight design.
Integrated PCB for tidy component installation.
Includes a full set of frame and mounting hardware.

Width: 420mm
Height: 130mm
Weight: 334g (w/out electronics)

6 x Turnigy T2205-1500kv
6 x 12A ESC
6 x 8x4.5 Prop (3CW & 3CCW)
1 x HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board
1 x 1300~1800Mah 3s 11.1v Lipoly battery
Your own transmitter and 4 channel receiver.

  • Turnigy Hexcopter
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electrorocketeer | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jan 31, 2014

Using the 2205 1500Kv motors in a Y6 configuration. 10x 4.7 props on 3s 2200mAh.

10 min flight times, with Mobius cam and 500mW 1.2gHz Vtx... very happy.

With the Y6 format, I could have tried a lower Kv motor, if I can find it.

Motors get warm... -20c flight temp helps to cool it ;)

Sifajo | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Aug 26, 2013


this Item comes not from EUROPE warehouse DE it comes from:

EUROPE warehouse NL

and in Germany you have to pay:

Registered (Tracking) Parcel - Netherlands to Germany US$7.13 not

GLS Express Courier 2kg (within Germany) US$4.49

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how to mounting the motor. Download [1914]
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