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Turnigy Mini DC Powered Rotary Cutting Tool

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Turnigy Mini DC Powered Rotary Cutting Tool

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At home, at the field, or on the go, the Turnigy Mini Drill Tooling DC powered rotary tool is one handy device. This set combines a DC regulator, rotary tool, and your supplied 3~4S LiPoly battery to make grinding, polishing, or cutting easy virtually anywhere. Supplied with a durable plastic case, this set includes a wide variety of grinding and polishing bits and has room to store the battery of your choice. We recommend a 3~4S 2200mAh. The DC regulator has three settings, high, medium and low to best suit the material you're trying to grind.

• The Simple one button design to operate, low/medium/high three gear speed.
• Built in green/red/blue LED setting indicator
• Rotary tool is suitable for the model repair such as grinding, drilling, polishing, etc
• Durable plastic case holds rotary tool, regulator and your supplied battery

Input Voltage: 12V~16.8V (3~4S LiPo)
Output: 12V/15V/18V (L/M/H), 5A
Working Current: 300~500mA
Regulator Size: 58x31x13.5mm
Tool box size: 218x150x75mm
Total weight: 455g

High speed steel drill bit: 5 pcs (0.5/1.0/3.0/1.5/2.5)
Copper chuck: 5 pcs (0.5/1.0/3.0/1.5/2.5)
Grinding wheel (with handle): 4 pcs
Grinding wheel: 1 set

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Schorch | Verified Buyer

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May 21, 2015

This set is good for its small price, the regulator is a very nice item for adjusting the speed of the drill. I just needed to apply some very soft grease to the motor bearings, before i did it, the motor caused bad vibrations at the higher speeds. After greasing, it runs smooth. The motor is a 12 Volt type as you maybe know it from some FP-helis or bigger coaxial helis. Looks like a Mabuchi 360. Very nice tool for drilling holes for servo mounting into plywood, shortening your pushrods, grinding some small surfaces. A must have for any modeler.

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