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Turnigy Mobius 2-Axis Gimbal with Tarot Controller and AX2206 Motors

Turnigy Mobius 2-Axis Gimbal wit...

Turnigy have recognized the Mobius ActionCam as the go-to camera for the RC hobby and set out to make a low cost, light weight, quality component 2-Axis gimbal to match the Mobius’s smaller size.
The Turnigy Mobius gimbal started with...

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essential items and

Turnigy have recognized the Mobius ActionCam as the go-to camera for the RC hobby and set out to make a low cost, light weight, quality component 2-Axis gimbal to match the Mobius’s smaller size.

The Turnigy Mobius gimbal started with the popular AX 2206 BLGM, perfect for its small size and being well known as a great motor. From there Turnigy had the motors custom made to match their spec. The Turnigy Mobius gimbal looked to one of the leaders in gimbals for their robust controller and easy GUI interface, settling on the Tarot 2 axis BGC as the heart of the Mobius gimbal and includes the USB programmer for future updates and configuration. Turnigy then set out to create a lightweight and robust frame around the Mobius and chosen hardware. The result is the one of best gimbals available and best of all it’s made specifically for the Mobius.  

• Light Weight
• AX2206 Gimbal motors
• Tarot BGC and IMU for control
• Stick and Rate mode for roll and pitch control
• RC roll and pitch control
• ALL CNC Aluminum and composite frame
• Included USB programming tool

* Note: Please pay close attention to the bolt locations in the instructions, and note the pitch motor uses the 2 M6 bolts, if the M8 bolts are used could damage the motor windings causing the pitch axis to shake when powered.

Frame specs:
Size: HxWxL 76x67x100mm max all around size
Weight: 160g

Motor Specs AX2206:
Poles: 12N14P
KV(RPM/V): 140
Resistance: 11.25omh
Weight: 32.3g
Wire: 0.17mm
Torque: 230g
Bottom holes center to center: 16mm and 19mm
Top holes center to center: 12mm 

Tarot ZTX22 Specs:
Working Voltage: DC 7.4V ~ 14.8V (Recommended 12V, three lithium battery)
Working current: 200mA-500mA (power supply voltage and the motor related)
Working temperature: -15c ~ 65c
Processor: Dual 32-bit high-speed ARM core processor
Sensor: Three rotor MEMS gyroscope rotor MEMS accelerometers
Maximum angular rate: 2000 ° / sec
Maximum acceleration: 16g
Control frequency: 2000Hz
Motor drive frequency: 20KHz (no noise smoothing drive)
Control accuracy: 0.1 degControl angle range: -45 ° ~ 45 ° (roll), -135 ° ~ 90 ° (tilt)
Power Interface: DC 7.4V ~ 14.8V (Recommended 12V, three lithium battery)

Note: This is a Kit and does require some assembly and a Windows based computer to flash the Tarot configuration with the included USB tool.


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I have adapted the Turnigy gimbal to use the RunCam2 camera. I made an aluminium holder attaching it with four small countersunk head bolts and nuts with lock washers. Under the holder is some thin sheet lead so that when there is no power the camera is completely balanced. A couple of rubber bands hold it in case of hard landings. My videos are now very smooth and great to view.
precio bueno y calidad tambien
Every time that I connect the gimbal the motors do not start and the light sets at Green solid in mode Over current. Can anyone help me?
Just finished installing this gimbal on my quad, for use with RunCam HD (similar in size to Mobius). Can't complain like the other reviews. Mine just works. No melting plastic, no blue smoke. Here's a couple of tips. Go to the same item at International Warehouse, and click on "videos" and "files". You'll get lots of good info. I downloaded the latest version 1.5 software before receiving my gimbal. but discovered it came with ver 1.5 in both gimbal and motor control, so I didn't need to re-flash. Will admit adjusting all the parameters was (and still is) a pain. Default settings are not for RunCam / Mobius. A couple of files suggest different settings, but I had to fiddle even with those to stop the jiggle. Still trying to fine tune, but getting pretty stable on my wobbly quad.
Didn't have luck with this. Tuning is very difficult and I could never get smooth video no matter what I tried and I tried a lot over 3 months. The motors are also way overkill for a Mobius and the whole gimbal is very heavy to carry a light Mobius. Not worth the price.
Purchase this a few weeks back and it's still not working. I'm sure its me, but getting this setup is a pain. Haven't spent a lot of time on it, but why isn't this sent already flashed so you don't have to do the find, flash and configure thing. I'd rather be flying.
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Complete piece of cr@p!!! I've done everything possible to stop it shaking but it just doesn't stop to shake! New firmware 1.5 is on, moved gain in all directions, loaded every setup I could find, watched every video on how to fix it but nothing is helping, it just shakes and shakes. I'll record a video for waranty and than fix it with a hammer!
Very accurate little gimbal for this price
I've just arrived the gimbal. The first looks, like a home made gimbal. Can't fixed right position the camera. I think should have planned better camera mount plate.
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  • Turnigy Mobius 2 Axis Gimbal

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