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Turnigy Monster-2000 200A 4-12S Brushless ESC

Turnigy Monster-2000 200A 4-12S ...

The Turnigy Monster-2000 is based on an all new powerful microprocessor.
The new CPU means ultra fast sync timing, crisper throttle response, extremely low resistance and high voltage overheat protection.


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The Turnigy Monster-2000 is based on an all new powerful microprocessor.
The new CPU means ultra fast sync timing, crisper throttle response, extremely low resistance and high voltage overheat protection.

Microprocessor controlled
Extremely low resistance
200A continous(230A surge)
Up to 38cells NiMH/NiCad or 2-12 Lipo cells
High rate adjustable switching (PWM:12K Hz/18K Hz/24K Hz)
BEC: Nil
Programmable low voltage cutoff
Programmable cutoff types(soft cutoff/hard cutoff)
Programmable brake type(disable/soft brake/hard brake)
Time advance programmable (low/standard/high)
Programmable current limiting(very sensitive/standard/insensitive/disable)
Governor mode(low rpm governor/high rpm governor)
Programmable Constant Power startup type(very soft start/soft start/fast start)
Thermal Protection(100 centigrade)
Apply to most of inrunner and outrunner brushless motors.
No complex programming, auto adapt work mode.
Safe"power on" arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.
Auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe for more than 3 seconds .After radio connection has been reestablished, moving the throttle to the lowest position can restart the motor.
The ESC is disabled when the voltage is over 51v at power-on.

Cont. Current: 200A
Burst Current: 230A
Battery: 4-12 Cell Lipo / up to 38 Cell Ni-XX
BEC: Nil
Size: 125*60*38mm
Weight: 293g
This is an R/C plane/heli only ESC. Do not attempt to use it to power car, buggy, skateboard, go-kart or similar machines. The programming logic is only designed for R/C Planes and Heli and will burn if applied to other devices.

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I have had some issues with the ESC. The largest being cold solider joint on the motor wires. Luckily the joint failed on a ground test or I would have lost my plane.
This ESC truly is a MONSTER !

High quality build. Trottle reaction runs smooth. I run this ESC on a ROTOMAX 50 cc on 10 cell lipo, It runs like h*ll.
I installed one of these with the 50 to 80 cc equivalent motor in my friends giant 1/4 scale 110 inch cub, and the performance is unbelievable!! When folks watch it take off and go straight up, they can't believe it is an electric powered plane! (maybe a little overpowered?) It has worked flawlessly! We get 10 minute flight times on two 5300 mah six cells in series for 12s. I will be installing one in my giant scale Top Flight Corsair with the same HK motor we are using in the cub. Can't wait!
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Good ESC. I had no issues with mine. In my case I use two of them for an EV project. Not the ideal option but great value and very light weight. Thanks HobbyKing.
Bonjour tous,j'ai achet ce variateur pour mon Kasama Srimok 90E et je tourne en 12 S lipo,je suis surpris par la qualit de ce variateur,et de plus j'adore linterrupteur de marche arrt,il faut juste ajouter un anti-flash pour ltincelle et tout va bien ,j'y est install le super SK3 Tunirgy en 480Kv et tout vas bien,merci hobby-king...
Bonjour,j'utilise ce variateur sur mon Srimok 90E en 10S 5000mah,sans aucuns probleme simple a programmer avec la carte verte,il me fait tourner un Scorpion NexDay 560KV avec des picks a 150Amps,juste le demarrage qui n'est pas trop Soft,mais le rapport qualite prix est la,tres bien aussi l'interrupteur de mise en route que l'on ne voit pas sur la photo c'est super on branche tout puis on met en route avec l'inter,bien vue ! merci HK !
I'm using two of these to power an ultralight paramotor.
Here's a video showing some of the testing of it:
Please let me know if you're interested in building an ultralight. I'm planning to share all drawing and software for the microscontroller that I'm using to control the ESCs.
This ESC work in my Eisberg(From MHZ)on 10S2P 4000 Nanotec with a Scorpion 5035-760KV on a Octura X455-3 Propeller.Maximum speed was 104.0km/h.The consumtion was 4500mA/h in 5 Minutes.Motor-Temperatur was 59.6C(Infrared)the ESC has the 1st run I only have a Watercooler downside(to cooling only the MosFet)but the Elektronic upside must also cooled with a Fan.Many shutdown I have from Overtemperature,so I put a CPU-Cooler on top.Now the Problem is solved.ATENTION!!Do not forget to program the Zerro/Full throttle bevore you use them!!
WELL,, I am losing my confidence in HK. I had a 120 amp burn out on take off and almost lost my Cessna, and now, this MONSTER just burned up when starting up to take off my Corsair,, at least it died on the ground. I bought this piece of crap about a year ago when I started building my giant TF corsair, and just finished it today,1july2011. I ran it up for the first time to test it, for 4 minutes at 1/2 throttle. Today, I did two taxi runs to test tracking. Then when I get ready to try the maiden flight, the prop does a little jiggle/wobble, and the ESC starts smoking!! I ran this thing for a total of 6 minutes, and it dies,,,What a piece of crap!!! Guess I will go castle creations from now on,, at least they might make good on a bad ESC.
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