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TURNIGY Sentilon100A HV 5-12S BESC (Ver4)

TURNIGY Sentilon100A HV 5-12S BE...

TURNIGY Sentilon 100A HV 5-12S Speed Controller (Version 4)
The Sentilon 100A HV can handle 12 lipoly cells in series, thats 36 NiMH cells!
This BESC owes its high voltage ability to the USA imported Fairchild MOSFets used and high quali...

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TURNIGY Sentilon 100A HV 5-12S Speed Controller (Version 4)
The Sentilon 100A HV can handle 12 lipoly cells in series, thats 36 NiMH cells!
This BESC owes its high voltage ability to the USA imported Fairchild MOSFets used and high quality compnentry.
Now with an ultra-fast 12Mhz CPU. Faster clock cycling preventing sync loss with some large motors*
Warranted for 12 months, the Sentilon series BESCs are guaranteed against faulty manufacturing and poor quality components.

Cont Current: 100A
Burst Current: 110A
BEC Mode: N/A (no BEC)
Lipo Cells: 5-12
NiMH : 15-36
Weight: 125g
Size: 60x60x11mm
CPU Clock Speed: 12Mhz
WARNING: For some large motors, you must use 'High' timing mode. Failure to do so will result in a burnt esc.

User Programmable, both via controller and optional programming card. The programming card is an excellent item as it instantly tells the user the current settings and with a few simple clicks of the buttons, the user can change the settings and have graphical reassurance of those changes.
The programming card is an excellent Item and simple to use!
*Sync loss occurs when an ESC's CPU cannot control the 3 connections quickly enough to continue synchronization with the motor. Often described as a screeching noise, sync loss will cause a sudden loss in power until the ESC can regain timing with the motors poles and fall back into Sync. This phenomenon is not an esc fault, rather an incompatibility with the ESC, Motor, number of cells and prop speed and usually only ever occurs on very large motors.
The TURNIGY 100A Sentilon now runs a 12Mhz CPU, the fastest in the market! Ensuring perfect sync with the fastest of motors and snappiest of throttle movements!

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Easy to set up using the programming card. I am using an 8 cel set up with a 325KV motor - 17x12 APC prop. Over 20 runs with no problems. The only problem I am having is trying to program a throttle curve on a Futaba 8uaps Tx to give more power lower down the curve. When the Tx mix is activated it goes to full power at 25pcnt throttle. Any thoughts? Hence only three points for quality, but good value overall.
exelent controleur quipe mon f3a il est coupl avec un xpower f3a
Upgrade info I received from HK:
The ESC that you received seems to be upgraded version with same specifications, however it comes with antispark (the red lead has special anti spark resistor in it) and the capacitor set that you named as battery is designed to remove ripple current going from the ESC to receiver, added, third capacitor increases motor running smoothness, run the ESC and enjoy!

I used the programming card to set for 8s voltage cut off. The ESC works well (EF Power 90, turning an APC17x10 for Pattern use). After 8 ground runs it delivers a smooth power response and no overheating.
The only negative I would note would be that this ESC it is not compatible with my Futaba 8UAPS Tx throttle curve mixing, or reverse setting. Better to use the throttle exponential option to set the power curve. Otherwise, I would say good value for $.
Perfect... cheap, and does a wonderful job on a rotomax 50cc-electric replacement :-).
there is only one downside to it, that is the manual, that doesn't clearly indicate how to program it... It was a hell of a job to enter the program-mode with a orange-rx...
So I switched over to 35mhz to program it. Afterwards I've found the 2.4ghz-trick, branching the cable to channel 1 -30seconds after adding the battery to the receiver did the trick(with full throttle at transmitter of course)... Seems like 2.4 needs some additional time :-)
I bought this ESC to a Turnigy Rotomax 1.60 .. while programming it in high timing mode ... during the first test at home .. stopped and caught fire ... they are a waste of money
Das ist mein 8er Regler von Turnigy, und bin mal wieder sehr Zufrieden Prei-Leistung findet man kaum was besseres.
mal producto, se me quemo al mes de usarlo, estoy intentando ver sim me lo reconocen por la garantia no se que va a pasar!
Purchased this unit from a friend who had a valid order number from HK. Brand new out of the sealed package and would not arm.....not matter what configuration. Contacted warranty and they would do nothing because it was more than a year, regardless of all the problems HK has had with this unit, even the chip had the ID grinded off to conceal its origin!. Defective product. Would never purchase another one again. Great pricing.....horrible customer service!
Good ESC

Using it on an electric scooter. 8s 16A/H battery pack. Made a modification to the heat sink though. I know this probably wont help any helicopter guys (or maybe it will). Attached a bigger heat sink with a cooling fan. After multiple full throttle blasts, ESC just slightly warm to the touch

would like to advise all those who buy this particular esc
chrisimopioisoun not never, ever the governor has done tests by highly experienced technicians and here in Greece.
With the governor's vbar works fine.

I challenge everyone to try, not only for this esc but for the 120HV OPTO
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