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Turnigy Super Brain 40A Brushless ESC

Turnigy Super Brain 40A Brushles...

Ultra fast microprocessor controlled, extremely low resistance circuit and chip design, and aluminum heatsink for better thermal dissipation are just some of the features in the new TURNIGY Super Brain range of brushless speed controllers.

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Ultra fast microprocessor controlled, extremely low resistance circuit and chip design, and aluminum heatsink for better thermal dissipation are just some of the features in the new TURNIGY Super Brain range of brushless speed controllers.
The Super Brain brushless esc is a high performance ESC capable of standard and competition use.
Full protection, including signal loss, over-temperature.
Programable by USB, PC or your Tx.
Compatible with all radio systems.
Supports the ‘Turnigy USB Linker’ to program the ESC by computer.
Internet upgradeable ESC firmware.
Integrated flight data logger, records data for the ENTIRE flight such as:
- Voltage
- Current
- Temperature
- Motor RPM
- Throttle travel

Programmable settings;
Startup (Default Standard/Soft/hard)
Low Voltage cutoff (Default 5.0/6.0/7.2/8.4/9.0/12.0V)
Current limiting (Default Standard/Very sensitive/Insensitivity/Disabled)
Brake (Default None/Soft/Hard)
PWM rate (8/12/16 KHz)
Timing (Default Auto/Low/Middle/High)
Cutoff type (Default Hard/Soft)
Governor mode (Default Auto/Low/High)
Constant Current: 40A
Burst Current: 50A
Battery: 2-3S Lipoly
BEC: 5V/2A Linear 
Motor Type: Brushless
Size: 55 x 27 x 12mm
Weight: 25g
Throttle range: 640us

**Programable with Turnigy programming Box and Turnigy USB Linker, see related items below.
We suggest customers to not program the esc with their Tx.


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im EU Wahrenhaus keine Programmierungskarte im Angebot!
Good product I use I add epoxy glue on it and I use it in racing micro boats.

Programmin it with the good card is easy.
I connect the ESC to Battery sound, no beep, no motor working, ...nothing at all! Its the same if throttle stick is up or down every time I start Tx, ESC is like dead!!
Servos are working OK though.
Trying to connect via PC with USB linker, but driver doesnt install in my notebook!
Any help welcome. Its first time Ive got issues with any ESC after using ALIGN, CASTLE and others from HK.
The USB Linker and ESC are a good buy.
First you must install the software before connecting to PC.
Excellent, ideal for basic initial setup, no more headaches trying to decipher the beeps. And the analysis of the graphs is also very interesting, you can now know exactly the type of propeller and engine right, and predict maximum flight duration.
The price is fine.
Turnigy software that is downloaded from here it works without any problem. HiFei software is nicer because it does not fill the screen, but in Win7 64 Ultimate I had to run it as administrator and in compatibility mode.
The port can be changed in Device Manager -> Ports -> Properties.
If you like my Review,! Give me points!
El USB Linker y el ESC son una buena adquisicion.
Primero se debe instalar el software antes de conectarlo al pc.
Excelente, ideal para la configuracion inicial basica; no mas dolores de cabeza intentando descifrar los pitidos. Y el analisis de las graficas tambin es muy interesante, ahora se puede conocer con precision el tipo de helice y de motor correcto, y predecir la maxima duracion del vuelo.
El precio esta muy bien.
El software Turnigy que se descarga desde aqui mismo funciona sin ningun problema. El software hiFei es mas bonito, ya que no ocupa toda la pantalla, pero en Win7 64 Ultimate tuve que ejecutarlo como Administrador
I have tested this in my Blade 300X heli. If you'd like to use the Turnigy SuperBrain 40A with the 320H motor, these are my recommended settings:

LVC: 9.0V (3S lipo)
Current limiting: Insensitivity
Brake types: No brake
Timing advance: Middle
Cutoff type: Soft cutoff
Startup type: Standard
Governor mode: Auto
PWM rate: 16KHz

Remember to calibrate throttle (BX trick with a separate battery)

100pcnt in IU (acted strange when set lower, in all three governor modes)


Full review:
very strong and good esc
Mine stopped working after three flights, no power to motor or receiver. Sent it back to HK for inspection and bought another to check if it was just one unlucky case as the data download function seemed great.
Works great, keeps the rated current, as well as not a high price
so far so good. the slow start up is great and the governor too. It tends to get hot, but I remedied it by removing the shrink wrap and installing my own heat sink. from the logs, on normal sport flying I'm getting max temp at 70 C
SUPER esc!!! Able connecting to PC via USB, view all flight data log!

Many functions, but have bigger weught.
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  • Turnigy Super Brain 40A Brushless ESC

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