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Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadc...

If your looking for a high end, no compromise quadcopter frame with looks that could kill, the Talon is for you!

The Turnigy Talon quadcopter frame is a high quality carbon fiber frame that offers both great looks and performa...

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If your looking for a high end, no compromise quadcopter frame with looks that could kill, the Talon is for you!

The Turnigy Talon quadcopter frame is a high quality carbon fiber frame that offers both great looks and performance. Built from light weight yet extremely rigid carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, the Talon offers a great combination of weight savings and strength.

The Talon features a beautifully finished carbon fiber main frame and arms, all connected together with aluminum alloy parts. This frame really gives your quad a high-tech and quality look.

We also offer a full line of quad electronics such as quadcopter control board, ESC, motors and more, so it has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air! 

All necessary hardware is included.

Weight: 240g
Width: 498mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 22~32mm


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Never really got it to work properly. Used spirit level on each motor mount and tightened them in the right position, but the motor would rotate on the axis when theres a rough landing. Tightened the bolts as much as i could before they stripped but nothing is helping.
I bought this frame for my first quadcopter project. Was surprised to find only three legs instead of four seperate legs. Due to one of the legs having to cross the entire space between the bottom and top plate there is hardly any space left for wiring or placing your esc units. Would be better if it was possible to place them there because on the top you will be placing your board and perhaps your battery checker.

Due to this flaw, you are forced to mount the esc to the legs and since you have no mounts or flat service, they need to be strapped down.

I was planning to place a gopro on it also but this will not be easy because there is simply no space anywhere on the top plate.

Due to the lack of space you will also run into problems sorting out your wiring and how to direct it to the battery connector.

Still it is not a bad beginners frame but it would have been nicer if the bottom plate was the same size as the top plate.

Frame itself is easy to put together and looks very sturdy.
I bought this before the V2 came out, and essentially made the V2 by purchasing some spare parts. An extra top plate, standoffs, and short tubes makes it very close. I used the Bottom plate with some long standoffs to hold a 4S battery under it, and it just clears the landing gear. That also allows me to attach large landing skids to that plate, for gimbal, camera, etc. I just bought the V2 mounting blocks and standoffs, which should make it a little stiffer.

Using 4108-600s on it, 10x4.5 works ok, 12x4.5 works better.
I've modified this frame quite a bit to fit my needs but the base is light weight and affordable. Both good in my book. This frame is used in a long life fpv explorer quad, which carries a 6000mah battery. A second one is use in a snappy sport quad which I use to grow my skills. Since this frame is so economical I don't cringe when it hits the floor after a failed flip.
Images of my build <a href='' target=_blank>build1</a>
High quality Frame and easy build. I was able to build this frame in 3 hours. Well worth the $29.99 USA price. Highly recommend this frame.
Looks ok at a glance, one of the copper screws broke upon tightening, check it out here
High quality carbon fiber with a nice appearence. Easy assemble and quite light. Well done HK, highly recommended product!
I bought this frame a a starting point for my mods and it looks fantastic. The materials are of good quality and light. I will replace some parts and add motor mounts (you cannot mount 16x19 motors directly).
I also added an x-shaped 3d printed piece joining the three tubes in the middle (one long and two short) to make it more rigid. I will 3dprint extensions on top of the baseplate, which is extremely rigid.
I was thinking about building a frame myself from scratch; but checking the carbon tube prices I decided this is the best way to go.
working good so far, about 18 minutes running 2213-980kv motors with 20amp ESC's and KK2.1.5 on talon carbon fiber quad frame powered by 2200mah 3s 25c.,
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