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Turnigy Transmitter Glove (2.4Ghz/Neckstrap Ready)

Turnigy Transmitter Glove (2.4Gh...

Designed to fit nearly all transmitter antenna positions and allow for a neck-strap, the new TURNIGY transmitter glove is a must have item for low temperature flying conditions.

Made with a heavyweight zip, durable t...

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Designed to fit nearly all transmitter antenna positions and allow for a neck-strap, the new TURNIGY transmitter glove is a must have item for low temperature flying conditions.

Made with a heavyweight zip, durable transparent cover that wont get brittle in sub zero temperatures and padded cotton/nylon material to insulate and protect against wind, snow and light rain.

You now have one less excuse to avoid getting outside and flying your model aircraft.

Maximum transmitter size: 270x270mm

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Great product, the only way to fly in cold weather. Works great when you install the universal heater. I put a thin board inside with a wire frame so it will holds its shape. A friend of mine put a piece of aluminum in the bottom to help dissipate the heat. Any modification that works is fine. After I got mine seven other pilots got theirs and modified their own. No one at our field flies in the winter without one. Thank You Turnigy and Hobbyking.
Der Senderschutz ist super, meine Jeti DC-16 mit Senderpult passt wunderbar rein, das Sichtfenster ist auch schön groß.
Very good glove for that winter days. It keep your fingers warm, and you can move your stick radio without inconvenience when you have cold finger without sense.

Easy to install, and the translucent window in front help to monitoring any signal coming from your radio.
You never feel cold hands on the transmitter using the winter cover.
I've not received mine, but I have seen and used one of my friends. I cannot recommend this highly enough in cold weather. I think it's a must for cold climates.
I give this thing a solid five stars for combination of function and value. I've flown it four days in a row since I got it and the temperature has been between -5C and -10C. Today I heated a wheat warmer and threw it in and put everything in my backpack. This means I have a nice warm start to the flight when arriving at the field. Amazingly the hands keep quite warm despite the hand holes and the thin fabric. You need to make sure the TX sits at the right height so the plastic dont flip any switches, this might not work with all neckstraps - mine has a joint at just the right height that stick to the slit so it pulls the plastic up a bit. Also, when you pull your hands out for a few minutes and get them cold, they will not heat up very well so for long flights you might want an additional heater inside. I very much look forward to using this on cold slope days too. Last advice - before throwing the first time, practice a dozen dummy throws and stick your hand in so you dont miss the opening when things are real!
WOW this is great it fits every tran and keeps your hands warm and your able to use every thing and in an accident or quick access zips off and your ready to go. a good leather bottom for putting on the floor and does not fog up!
Warme Hnde beim fliegen im Winter, was will mann mehr??
Keeps hands warm and protected from wind. Nice quality. Plenty of pace for most transmitters. Hand holes are a bit too big though, letting some cold air in. Some kind of sealant or adjustment would be nice addition.
This is my first Transmitter Glove too ... I love it & can't see how anyone could fault the quality for this price - HK's usual good value for money. I'm using it with HK's Turnigy neck strap - it unclips in the middle leaving the lower part of the strap located through the opening slit in the glove. .......

It fits my Futaba FF9 transmitter with FRsky 2.4GHz module (& it has a HK transmitter stand clamped on the handle at the back) just as well as my Taranis with integral 2.4GHz antenna. Ive found that using a longer 5DBi antenna on the Frsky module instead of the regular, shorter one keeps the transmitter located in the glove better, because it sticks out of the antenna hole further & cannot pop back in.....

I've been impressed how the clear window stands well clear of the sticks & the backs of my hands barely touch it in use. Also, the hand holes aren't cuffed - I prefer this, as my hands/wrists feel un-restrained & could be whipped-out instantly in an emergency. I'm still to use it "in anger" on a cold day, but I am very confident that it will live-up to expectations.
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