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Turnigy™ MG90S DS/MG Servo 10T 1.8kg / 0.10sec / 13.4g

Turnigy™ MG90S DS/MG Servo 10T 1...

The Turnigy MG90S now features digital processing for greater precision. Same great performance, now with digital precision.
All Turnigy MG90S servos shipped as of July 1, 2014 now feature a digital processor.


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The Turnigy MG90S now features digital processing for greater precision. Same great performance, now with digital precision.
All Turnigy MG90S servos shipped as of July 1, 2014 now feature a digital processor.

Weight: 13.4g
Dimension: 22.8*12.2*28.5mm
Stall torque: 1.8kg/cm (4.8V) - 2.2kg/cm (6.0V)
Operating speed: 0.10sec/60degree(4.8v) - 0.08sec/60degree(6.0V)
Operating voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Temperature range: 0- 55deg
Servo Plug: JR (Fits JR and Futaba)
Spline Count: 10


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I have used these servos for they price and metal gears.
They never lasted long. Usually the engine brushes bend and created short circuit upon which the servo electronics burned down in a very bad way that the short circuit was created for the rest of the RC plane electronics. Result - Plane destroyed if this happened in the air. Lately they are using a different elektronic set (PCB used to be green but the bad one is - red) which does not center the servo well. The servo hunts for the central position all the time. I am done with this one until at least they start installing decent electronics in it
Good and powerful servo for a reasonable price. I use them in my Dragonfly 1800 without any issue. Be aware that these are metal geared and therefore quite noisy.
Excelentes Servos metalicos para ser usados en los ciclicos de los helicopteros 450
I purchased four (4) of these servos. I installed all three in a HK250GT heli. The mounting ears broke have broken off three before I even got off the ground. They seem to be okay other than the weak mounting ears. Do yourself a favor and pass on these and try a better quality servo like maybe the corona?
I really dont know if these are any good or not. I know the price seemed like a very good deal. until I started installing them in a 250 sized heli. never got the build finished because the mounting ears broke on three of the servo. didnt even try the fourth one. I am going on 59 years old and have been in this hobby since i was about 13. I have broke the ear off a servo until tonight. I wont be buying any more for sure.
Servo plus que correct pour le prix qu'on le paie. Un peu de jeu dans le temps sur les pignons (~4-5 ans) mais tient le choc. Je l'utilise dans les avions et helicopteres(format 450). Sur /- 30 achetes a ce jour 1 seul est HS. fonctionne aussi en 6v(flybarless helico) mais chauffe un peu. les palonniers sont tres rigides.
Un bon produit pour pas cher merci HK !
Nice little metal gear servo by Turnigy. Have had great success with the little HXT900 so will see how it goes. Great value for your buck
At 1st glance they were loud , jittery, and seemed uncontrollable ... And i was pissed... however I was testing right outta the box with a servo tester and a 4.8 ni cad batt....
PLEASE NOTE with low current they tend to act weird. But after th install and a proper power source I LOVE them.... for the money
it works pretty nice
Great servos! Replaced these from hitecs and seem much stronger even though rated lesser than them! Will but more for sure!
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  • Turnigy™ MG90S DS/MG Servo 1.8kg / 0.10sec / 13.4g

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