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Turnigy™ TGY-6109MD DS Winch Servo 25T (Drum Type) 9kg / 0.24sec / 61g

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Turnigy™ TGY-6109MD DS Winch Servo 25T (Drum Type) 9kg / 0.24sec / 61g

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A powerful high specification digital sail winch servo with metal gears that can be programmed to operate from 1 to 6 turns (this can also be controlled by end point adjustment). This sail winch servo can operate up to an impressive 9.2kg of torque but is also very fast, it is perfect for racing yachts up to and around 1 meter.

Turns: 1-6 programmable
Voltage Range: 4.8~6.0V
Speed: 0.24~0.18 sec/360°
Torque: 7.92~ 9.02kg
Idle Current: 0.12~0.14A (No load)
Working Current: 0.40~0.50A
Stall Current: 1.80~2.20A
Gears: Metal
Size: 40.3 x 20.3 x 38.7mm
Drum Diameter: 35.5mm
Weight: 61g
Connector: JR style with wire length 265mm
Spline Count: 25
Motor: Coreless

  • Servo Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg) 9.02
  • Servo Speed (Sec/60deg) 0.18
  • Servo A(mm) 44.00
  • Servo B(mm) 40.00
  • Servo C(mm) 42.00
  • Servo D(mm) 20.00
  • Servo E(mm) 58.00
  • Servo F(mm) 27.00

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  • attributeset-11


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Shaun | Verified Buyer

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Mar 08, 2015

I got my winch from the International warehouse, it works very well with a programmable TX/Rx and I have installed it in my 1 metre boat as a replacement for the old whirlwind winch. This winch works faster, is much lighter and can work at 6 volts. If I had a wish, it would be for a slightly bigger drum wheel for the sheet.

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