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Vego GW320X Drone Frame Kit

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Vego GW320X Drone Frame Kit

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Designed and manufactured in Japan, Vego drone frames are among the best we have ever seen in terms of quality and finish. The carbon cutting and finishing is nothing short of exquisite, if it's quality you are looking for you will not be disappointed with this product.

The GW320X is made for racing or extreme 3D maneuvers. It is a well thought out, strong, “H” frame design. The arms can be configured to either 30 or 45 degrees to suit your flying style.

Coming in at 152g the GW320X is an extremely light weight frame. Given the light weight you would assume it to be fragile but this is a fully carbon fiber frame giving great strength and durability. The arms are made of 4mm multilayer carbon fiber with the center frame 2mm carbon fiber. The arms are long enough to allow for 5-6" propellers for better performance.

The 30mm center frame plate makes it ideal for mounting Naze, Nano or CC3D flight controllers and all other requirements like FPV camera and transmitter, receiver and PDB. The upper deck comes in two sections allowing you to either have flat decks or you could angle a deck for a recording camera. there is vibration dampening on the upper deck.

It is an extremely easy build. So just add your preferred gear and max out the power for some fast flying.

• Designed for racing or 3D fun
• The arms can be changed between 30 and 45 degrees
• Thick 4.0mm durable, multilayer carbon fiber arms
• Center frame 2.0mm carbon fiber
• Designed for 2204-2206 motors, 16/19m mount, 3mm hole
• Propeller size 5-6"
• Mechanical plate dimension is 30mm can use Naze, Nano, CC3D, etc
• The name GW is pronounced Go-Wan. It is Japanese for strong arm

Material: Carbon fiber frame
Wheelbase: 320mm (30/45 degree arm formation)
Frame Height: 36mm
Frame Weight: 152g
Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 16/19mm

GW320X Frame kit
Screw bag

4 x 2204-2206 motors
4 x 15-30A ESC
1 x Battery 1000mah-2200mah 11.1-22.2V (3S-4S)
4 x 5-6” Propellers
1 x Flight controller
1 x Power Distribution Board
5-6 channel TX/RX

  • Vego GW320x GW250X Quad Frame
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Frank | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Excellent frame - super quality

Apr 09, 2017

Don't know what the other reviewer was talking about when he said there were no holes in the baseplate for the FC. Of COURSE there are! In fact, I stacked my Omnibus F3 FC and 4 in 1 ESC on short nylon stand-offs, and with the included 25mm black stand offs and the 3mm thick arms, I had plenty of clearance between top and bottom plate. Don't build the way the photo shows!!! Build it to look like an Immersion Vortex 250 Pro and everything (rx included) can be between the two main decks, fully protected. No need for the two small plates unless you add GPS (why in this size frame??). With a set of EMAX 2600kv Race edition motors and 3 blade props this thing is HOT!!! Love the frame. Highly recommended.

eric | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Great quality but not very practical

Feb 24, 2017

I was looking for something larger than a 250 size quad that I could mount a standard set up and GPS. The 320 size looked perfect for what I was looking for. When I un boxed this kit it looked very simple and nice quality, great! After assembling the frame I started to plan how each component will be placed and realized there are no holes on the base plate for the FC. There are 2 holes that are for two of the standoffs that are the same size as a standard FC but if using them, your FC will not be centered on the base plate. (look at the picture of the bottom plate and you will see what I mean) Therefore I had to drill holes in the plate myself, not a huge problem but a little time consuming and should be mentioned in the kit description. Also, there are no landing feet or pads included which you will need to get unless you're ok landing directly on the bottom base plate! And one last thing to consider is battery placement, on my set up the battery will have to be strapped to the bottom of the quad so I have to craft my own landing skids.

dtm360 | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

May 03, 2016

Very nice quality carbon, Not the very best I have seen (I use to collect exotic RC cars - QVA!) but still pretty good!

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