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W609-8 Pathfinder 2 Hexcopter Mode 2 / US Plug (RTF)

W609-8 Pathfinder 2 Hexcopter Mode 2 / US Plug (RTF)


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Looking for a large ready to fly hexcopter but are short on funds? The Pathfinder 2 has arrived and it certainly wont break the bank! The Pathfinder 2 Hexcopter is packed with features you would normally expect to find in a big brand, turn key solution including a 6-axis gyro, 1 key return to home function, heading lock flight mode, altitude hold and a HD camera.
The frame of the Pathfinder 2 is manufactured from aluminum alloy and is shrouded with a molded plastic canopy making the frame extremely tough. The motors are also shrouded to protect them from the everyday bumps and scrapes.

The Pathfinder 2 is supplied complete with a 2.4Ghz transmitter for interference free flying. The built-in 6-axis gyro makes this hexcopter super stable and easy to fly making it perfect for the novice through to the expert pilot. Like many of the smaller turn key solutions the Pathfinder 2 has the 3D flip function, however watching a hexcopter of this size flip will still impress the locals!

If your looking for a budget but comprehensive package to get your multirotor career underway, than the W609-8 should definitly be at the top of your shopping list!

• One key return to home function
• Heading lock flight mode for super easy control
• Barometric pressure sensor for setting hover altitude
• Built-in geomagnetic electronic compass
• Built in HD camera 
• Low voltage warning
• Low / high speed Switch
• 2.4Ghz radio transmitter for interference free flying
• 6-axis flight control system provides excellent stability

Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh LiPoly
Radio Range: 350 meters (approx)
Motor Type: Brushed DC 
Hexcopter Dimensions: 540 x 470 x 210mm

Package Includes:
1 x W609-8 Pathfinder 2 hexcopter with 2MP camera
1 x 2.4Ghz transmitter
4 x Spare props
1 x Screwdriver
1 x 7.4V 1500mAH LiPoly battery
1 x LiPoly charger
1 x SD card reader
1 x Memory Card
1 x Instruction manual


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I bought 2 of these and found that the quality was poor. 1 didnt work right out of the box, it had a defective motor. The other failed after less than 10 flights, again a faulty motor. Not recommended.
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verified_user Quality
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I purchased this hexcopter 3 weeks ago. Transmitter did not function. I repaired it. The voltage output to the OSD connection was shorted on the board inside the transmitter. The right gimbal up dn pot board inside the transmitter had the signal wire disconnected (repaired that too by re soldering). Went over some other suspect solder joints inside the transmitter. Now that it flies it is a great toy best suited indoors or very calm weather. Forward flight very weak and light winds greater than 3 knots will carry it away regardless of the Return to home switch function. It is a great tool as a first time operator and has educated me going forward to a 550 hex copter build. The price is a bit expensive for what you get. A really nice NOVA quad FPV GPS can be had for only 40 more dollars! The version (hexcopter)I have is not FPV! for 121 dollars!
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  • W609-8 Pathfinder 2 Hexcopter Mode 2 / US Plug

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