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Skywalker WALL E2000 FPV UAV 2030mm (PNP)

Skywalker WALL E2000 FPV UAV 2030mm (PNP)

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Flying UAV's and FPV there is three major requirements range, flexibility and reliability.
Skywalker has done their homework and brought to you the WALL-E2000. Beauty is the eye of the beholder and the WAll-e2000 is a beast, With an enormous 2030mm wingspan and EPO construction and looks only a mother could love.
Designed for long range FPV and UAV operations it's powerful twin motor design will give the pilot added thrust and reliability, twin motors give you longer flying times and a smoother flight.
The WALL-E2000 has 3 large cavernous compartments to house your flight batteries, electronic avionics, recording devices and keep them apart to reduce electronic noise or disturbance.
With a battery bay the size of a small country this gives you the opportunity to fly with up to 16000maH 6S LiPoly battery giving you super long flight times to cover large volumes of adventures sky.
FPV flight is rising in popularity it's your time enjoy the freedom of flight and be the champion of the hobby with the WALL-E.

• Long range FPV UAV platform
• 3 x large compartments to accommodate FPV equipment and electronic avionics
• Large wingspan for efficient slow flight and weight capacity
• Twin motor design
• Lightweight and strong EPO foam construction
• 2-piece wings and wing plugs for easy transportation and storage
• Carbon and laminate reinforcement
• Preinstalled Motor, ESC and servos

Wingspan: 2030mm
Length: 1120mm
ESC: 2 x 40A
Motors: 2816 650kv brushless outrunner
Flying Weight: 2500-3000g
Wing area: 48dm2

Skywalker WALL-E2000 almost ready to fly kit
2 x 2815 650kv brushless outrunner motors
2 x 40A electronic speed controllers
1 x 6-8A UBEC
4 x 12g servos
2 x 10x6x3 propeller
All included hardware
1 x Instruction manual

Minimum 5ch transmitter and receiver
LiPoly battery 10000-16000mAh 5-6S
FPV equipment
Glues and related building tools
1 x Sense of adventure



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This Skywalker PNP is a great slick plane. The quality overall has been perfection although there are some slight things with this product I will state here.
The battery compartment door on my Skywalker was not as shown in the image, instead it seems that there was some quick decision in the manufacturing. The plastic cover and opening for the battery was there but with a foam section in the middle. This was more than an easy fix with a pair of sissors.
each wing has two separate flaps. but they have only one servo each, I would recommend using the plane as it was designed rather than the single servo per wing arrangment that hobbyking has supplied.
The battery I purchased was recommended to add to my basket on the page of this plane, be careful doing this as my products arrived with different connetors for the battery to connect to the plane. My plane came with a TX90 female plug and the battery had a TX60 male, it doesn't state this in the specifications of the plane. This wasn't too much of a bother for me to find an adapter but I would like to order goods and know I have the right things the first time.
I hope my feedback has given some good insight and above all, happy flying!
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The fuselage design is well planned, lots of room for battery and auto pilot. On 6S, climbs out well. I was concerned about being hard to throw since it has no wheels, but bigger problem is the 3 blade props on landing which break. I replace both with two blade 10X7.
Flight controls are not good. I think they make design error and you have to cut 10mm from front of elevator to fix trim and make level with wing. The ailerons are small and far inward from wing tip. Mixing rudder with aileron is big help also.
The assembly time was quick; however clevis are fragile. I broke one while tightening by hand to linkage.
The flaps are optional and servos were not included. I am not sure they are needed to fly slow, but I may try to use for additional aileron control.
Price is good considering it comes with servos, motors, speed control, and ubec.
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Great Components, Easy Build, Easy to transport - But who's idea was it to give it a Lamborghini nose!!!???
I must have maidened this 5 times just to see if the design flaw (Nose area downforce) was worth overlooking but alas I did not find a way around it.
The nose is so shard with more surface area than the elevator the moment you pick up speed she just wants to Dive! Dive! Dive!
I still think she is savable by modifying the nose - when I am up to it I will let you guys know. But in the meantime, think twice before this purchase.
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