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Wilga 20CC Scale Trainer Composite 1970mm (ARF)

Wilga 20CC Scale Trainer Composi...


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The PZL-104 Wilga is a Polish designed and built short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) Civil Aviation utility aircraft manufactured by PZL "Warszawa-Okecie". The Wilga has evolved through many ever-improving versions during its continuous production run from 1962 to 2006.

The PZL-104 was designed for robust use in sports, civil aviation, with a strong emphasis on glider-towing and parachute training. The Wilga Mark 1 variant was first flown in 1962 powered by an existing Polish 220 hp (160 kW) horizontally-opposed engine. The Wilga 1 prototype exposed a number of design faults, the most serious of which was excessive weight and a rear view restriction such that the crew could not easily see a towed glider. This resulted in an airframe review that thoroughly redesigned the aircraft, though retaining major structural sub-assemblies from the wings. A completely new slimmer, strengthened fuselage was added that also offered an excellent rear view for the crew during glider towing operations, and the side doors were re-engineered to open upwards for better aero observation or parachute jump sorties. The upgraded aircraft could be flown with the doors open if required, and had an air ambulance conversion capability.

The new PZL-104 Wilga Mark 2 flew in August 1963, followed by a short production run which later was converted to the Wilga Mark 3 configurations using a  260 hp (190 kW) Ivchenko AI-14R radial engine in 1965. Due in combination to the power of the engine and the STOL capability of the airframe, an extraordinary high rate of climb of 11 m/s (2,165 fpm) (maximum) under minimal load was possible.

Our Wilga model comes in a realistic finish and a nicely shaped, true-scale outline that looks just like the real thing! Featuring a built-up wing/tail section and factory covered plastic film matched to the fuselage color this Wilga will be a real looker at your favorite flying site. The fuselage is a hand laid fiberglass unit with pre-installed fiberglass bulkheads. In the extensive hardware pack are hinges to make the side windows open and close similar to the full size aircraft. This makes accessing electronics and the wing bolts extremely easy.

To complete this model you will need 7 standard servos, a 20CC gas or glow engine, and a 5-6 channel transmitter and receiver.  Add some epoxy and cyanoacrylate to the mix, a few evenings, a little work, and you'll be in the air in no time.

Flying the Wilga is like any other high wing tail dragger, a breeze. With a model of this size, smooth flight characteristics and the ability to handle wind are almost guaranteed. Just like the full scale, our Wilga also has functional shock absorbing landing gear perfect for rough fields or those less than perfect landings.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Just install your choice of motor, battery, and electronics
• Pre-painted composite fuselage with corrugated skin details
• Built up balsa wood wing and tail pre-covered in color film
• Functional shock absorbing landing gear
• Complete hardware pack

Wingspan: 1970mm
Length: 1450mm
Weight: 5400g

20CC Gas Engine
7 Standard- High Torque Servos
5-6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
Receiver Battery
Misc Adhesives


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I was very pleased to receive this ARF kit and although the manual (Discs) were not explicit it built well until I flew this airplane I found out after three attempts to fly and trim this airplane that the RH wing incidence was incorrect which caused the RH wing to stall when the power was reduced this caused the airplane to enter into a RH stall and spiral into the ground, the first two stalls I managed to save & repair the airplane the third stall caused a complete airplane write off. I found that the wing attachments to the fuselage had no security just the flimsy fiberglass fuselage with no mounts. I will never buy this type of ARF again, although it was a low cost, (You pay for what you get).
very nice kit the manual is not good at all but if you have build a few planes you will not have any problems. The kit and the parts are very good. I am still putting it together and will be the spring before 1st flight . This is a big plane with a lot of room inside to put your gear in. I have also put lights in mine and they put holes in the wings and rudder for the landing gear and how it works. You will love this plane for sure.
Excelente presentacin y embalaje del producto. Es la primera vez que veo un cartn de ms de un cm de grosor, casi como madera. Los items dentro de la caja sujetos adems con cinta trasparente de embalaje. Lamentablemente, la pintura viene con dos desconchones... Se ve que uno de ellos se ha producido ANTES de su embajaje porque el plastico que lo protege no tiene daos ni estn los restos de pintura. En cualquier caso, es un dao mnimo por el que no merece la pena devolver el avin (50e envo a Holanda). La terminacin es excelente, brillante. La envergadura es 201cm y cada ala mide 88cms. El fuse es de fibra con refuerzos de contrachapado. Los trenes, de aluminio bien resistente con un muelle amortiguador estupendo. Las ruedas, de tres pulgadas y media con llanta de plastico, bastante duras pero no macizas. Viene sin ningn detalle de maqueta.
I orderd my kit rom the EU warehouse. The only warehouse what would ship due to the weight of the parcel. I ordererd 7 servos also. It had to be shipped to Mossel Bay South Africa. Customs opened the parcel. Opened it with fear of possible damage. No damage. Beautiful kit. Fuselarge exellently finished. Clearcoat over red paint. THANX Hobbyking. Very good service. Keep on generating bigger kits of this standard.
  • 20 cc Wilga

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