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Quanum Elite X40-6 600mw, 40 Channel Raceband, FPV Transmitter

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Quanum Elite X40-6 600mw, 40 Channel Raceband, FPV Transmitter

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The Quanum Elite X40-6 transmitter packs 600mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power for your FPV kit! This is a must have Tx for those who are looking for longer range.

The X40 transmits on the full range of 40 channels and has an easy to use channel switching system.

The unit comes in a unique metal alloy case that is not only damage resistant but also acts as a heat sink.  The case also has fixing points so that the unit can be bolted to your model making it far more secure.

A key feature of this system is the R Band also known as race band, which is 37mhz apart from the next channel, all 8 sub-channels in R Band will not interfere with each other, this is great news for FPV racers. 

• Bulit-in microphone 
• Super mini, light weight only 14g 
• Five bands 40 channels with R-Band 
• Elegant design with CNC aluminum case 
• One switching button for band and channel selection
• Horizontal antenna connection

Video format: NTSC/PAL 
Antenna connector: SMA female connector (Horizontal)
Power input: 7-20V (3S LiPo battery suggested) 
Power output: 5V 
Output impedance: 50 Ohm 
Transmitting power: 600mW 
Frequency range: 5645-5945Mhz 
Working current: 600mA at 12V 
Video bandwidth: 8Mhz 
Audio carrier frequency: 6.5Mz 
Audio input impedance: 10K Ohm
Dimensions: 32x24x9.4mm
Weight: 14grams

Frequency Range:
FRA: 5740MHz, 5760MHz, 5780MHz, 5800MHz, 5820MHz, 5840MHz, 5860MHz, 5880MHz 
FRB: 5705MHz, 5685MHz, 5665MHz, 5645MHz, 5885MHz, 5905MHz, 5925MHz, 5945MHz 
FRC: 5865MHz, 5845MHz, 5825MHz, 5805MHz, 5785MHz, 5765MHz, 5745MHz, 5725MHz 
FRD: 5658MHz, 5695MHz, 5732MHz, 5769MHz, 5806MHz, 5843MHz, 5880MHz, 5917MHz 
FRE: 5733MHz, 5752MHz, 5771MHz, 5790MHz, 5809MHz, 5828MHz, 5847MHz, 5866MHz  

Quanum Elite X40-6 5.8GHz 40CH 600mW Wireless AV Transmitter 

Attention Customers

** The use and operation of this product in some countries may require a license based on local government restrictions.  Ensure you check your local government rules before operating this device. **

  • Quanum Elite Raceband VTX
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Jonny | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jul 08, 2016

Straight away, I was impressed by the nice packaging of the VTX and the nice casing around it.
That didn't cut it though, as when I plugged it into a 4s battery for my mini quad the light turned on for a few seconds then turned off, and never turned back on again. This meant that the VTX was fried, and the battery was only at 16.8v, well under the 20v maximum they recommend.
I hate to say this because I had such high hopes for this VTX but its certainly not a winner, and I'm pretty disappointed in it.
Just for the record, HobbyKing gave me a full refund.

| Verified Buyer

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  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Jun 23, 2016

Love these video transmitter.

The aluminium case is great for solid mounting.

James | Verified Buyer

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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Apr 10, 2016

I bought this because it looks like the same VTX as the CRMR cricket. This VTX performs worse than my imersionRC 250 VTX. I use IBC antennas and have a imersionRC VRX and Fatsharks so I know it isnt my VRX equipment. I have tried this VTX on several different antennas and on all of the above VRXs with the same poor performance.

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