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X8 2.4GHz Combo pack for JR W/ Module & RX

X8 2.4GHz Combo pack for JR W/ M...

Assan 2.4Ghz Combo Pack.
Includes 1 RF Transmitter and two receivers.

Compatible with.
JR: 347,388,783,U8,PCM10,PCM10S,PCM10SX,PCM10IIs,8103,9303

RF Module :   X8J
Receiver : X8R6, ...

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Assan 2.4Ghz Combo Pack.
Includes 1 RF Transmitter and two receivers.

Compatible with.
JR: 347,388,783,U8,PCM10,PCM10S,PCM10SX,PCM10IIs,8103,9303

RF Module :   X8J
Receiver : X8R6, X8R7 Mini receiver
Accessories : Binding plug, Voltage protector
Note: Does not fit the MC-24 radio.


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i have had this setup for 5 years and have had not a problem out of it. just ordered a second setup for another radio
Excelent Assan combo. I used it for about 3 years in my 3d planes. Quality is on high level. I used it with extend antenna wire. 2 receivers are great for >1m models. For lighter i recommended lighter receiver.
Its a good module i have got 1 for my JR9X2 its work well, but can it support S-Bus??? Can i use its on my heli with Futaba FL GY 7 series gyro?? And can i use this system with the Orange Rx???? Because Orange Rx support S-bus....
I've had various types of RC since 1960 from Bonner and MinX to Sanwa, Futaba, and Spektrum. Assan modules have worked well for me. I have two transmitter modules, and seven receivers including the compact six channel one. All have behaved faultlessly, and give excellent range. The transmitters (Muliplex Pico) now use far less power than when operating on 35mhz so I have more confidence about transmitter battery life. I use Assan exclusively now on practically everything that I fly up to 50mph. Only Multiplex Cockpit (35Mhz and 2.4ghz) gives me more confidence, and I use those for bigger or faster aircraft. Multiplex is at the pinnacle so to say that Assan comes this close it praise indeed.
I bought this in 2009 for my very old but faithful JRX388. it has performed flawlessly in my ultimate and tucano and where i fly in dubai is adjacent to a very large power grid. I have never had a glitch. It has given my old radio a new lease of life.
i am using now a turnigy Tx9, mode2, V2 first version, never updated because i dont know how to do it.
I am looking after the new turnigy Tx9 wich is always in BK.
So, i would like to substitute my 'old' Tx9 on my turnigy Tx9 device with this one.
1) will it do the job. 2) If yes, what must i do to bind this tx to the remaining device of my Tx9 turnigy. 3) will my two remaining Rx turnigy works with this Tx.
thanks for a practical answer.
Works very well with my Transmitter JR-3810 for about 6 month and then get damaged. I have ordered another one
this system fit the 10sx-8103 ,however dose not fit the 10x . the frysky perfict fit this is a grate sysem i have had one go out othwise no problem never had a reciever go bad
sehr gutes System, micht fr evo von mpx sei den man verbaut einen signalkonverter (ca 2 euro im eigenbau) dan funtzt die sache. besser ist aber fr MPX das port x8 hack modul.
When you buy the turnigy transmitter done hesitate and put this in.

Its 100pcnt worth do doo this.

I have an HK 600. The problem was stuttering of the digital servos even with an noise reducer 3A

the problem was the same.

Now t is solved.

Take care when you bind it that there are no mobile-phone's

in the near this infect the binding

Gratings ed 144
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