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X8D 2.4GHz trainer port X8-hack module (PPM Only)

X8D 2.4GHz trainer port X8-hack ...

Now you can convert any PPM transmitter to 2.4Ghz with the new X8D X8-Hack module!
Provided your transmitter has an inbuilt PPM board (99% of radios do), all you will need to do is solder 3 wires, insert the X8 unit and plug in ...

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Now you can convert any PPM transmitter to 2.4Ghz with the new X8D X8-Hack module!
Provided your transmitter has an inbuilt PPM board (99% of radios do), all you will need to do is solder 3 wires, insert the X8 unit and plug in the antenna!
This is especially useful for any non-module based PPM transmitter. Such as the Multiplex EVO.

Channels: 8
Range: 800m+
FCC, CE and RoHS approved.



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A bit expensive, but not many radios need it now, I have instaled the x8d in a ff7 like many people and I can switch between 35 mhz (and use trainer port) and 2.4 ghz.
It works perfect, is easy to bind, perfect control over the receiver and less power consumption. Need to test the range but not a problem yet.
O modulo otimo e funciona maravilhosamente bem , tem muita informao sobre como realiza a mudana que bem simples, vejam na aba files.
Have been using this guy in my futaba 7 cap for a 5w years, performs flawlessly, no lag at all, great range, use it in anything from my ifo to my ultimate bipe, to my yak and even some micros and the occasional boat.definitely worth the money, just wish they would come out with some lighter weight stuff.
The X8D is very easy to install on a royal evo from Multiples. Just connect the module on the din connector use for the training .

If your radio has still the 1 version of the firmware, no need to cut the HF; just push the abc key when you turn the radio on, the ppm signal is on the Din. If you have the2 version you have to cut the hf in order to send the signal on the Din, you can achieve that by make a short between pin 5 and 3 of the din There is a lot of information about that on the net

One other important thing: the fist time you turn the radio on with the new module, the led of the X8D goes red and immediately turns green and you think : ouah ! it doesnt work

In fact when you turn the radio on, you must move quickly one stick of the radio and then the led goes red and blinking. I hope this can help because it took me some hours to understand the problem .So the assan solution is a very good one as I can use my radio either in HF with my old receivers or in 2.4 Ghz with the new; a good transition

I installed this module in my old Multiplex 3010 two years ago and I am very satisfied. I own now 8 receivers and fly them in different models, like hotliners, acro and edf-jets. Binding is super easy and so far never appeared a problem. Beside that, it extended battery life to at least the double time, comparing to my 35 or 72 MHz MPX modules.
I just converted my 3rd Multiplex Cockpit SX transmitter to 2,4Ghz with this module as the Multiplex 2,4Ghz receivers are just too expensive. I use the Assan system on both my model boats and aircraft and it always gives quick, solid binding and excellent range. A super product ! Highly recommended.
Just recieved mine today, came nicely packed. Hooked it up to my Multiplex MC 3010 and everything works fine. Binding with the assan 7ch receiver was no problem at all. The module fits nicely inside the space where the original multiplex module was. Im happy with it, now just need to fit more securly now and i will be ready to do some range check.
One question it came with a 10V 4700F capacitor with servo connector fitted to it, anyone can fill me in on what that might be used for?
This is the secong module I purchase,this time is for my flying buddy who really admire my hacked futaba 6ex..third unit coming up..
Nautical Commander marine radio with twin engine sticks was converted easily and worked perfect. No glitches. Inexpensive 4 chanel rx works perfect in Shelley Foss twin engine tug with lots of other electronic systems that could have caused problems. My old Marine radio should be good for another 15 years.

Thanks to Hobby King!
Installed the module on my Futaba 7CHP. The reason for upgrade was I crashed my heli couple times because of radio interferences.
With X8D battery life increased few times and system works flawlessly for 4 years now.
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