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Zippkits JAE 21FE Fast Electric Outrigger Kit

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Zippkits JAE 21FE Fast Electric Outrigger Kit

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The JAE series was designed and developed as a result of a joint venture between IMPBA Hall of Fame member Rod Geraghty, David Hall, Ron Zaker and Martin Truex Jnr. The main difference between this hull and the others on the market is the use of sharp edges on the bottom of the sponsons and tub, as opposed to curved surfaces. This helps break the surface tension of the water and makes for a faster boat.

The JAE 21 nitro version holds many speed records, and is currently the fastest boat in the world on the 1/4 mile oval course (16secs for 2 laps). This electric version has the same pedigree and with the right choice of motor and prop set up it will follow in the footsteps of the nitro version. 

The JAE 21FE is a quick build kit and features a level of pre-fabrication never seen before in a boat kit. All of the hard work has been done for you, it requires only simple assembly and finishing. Included is a comprehensive step by step assembly manual with lots of photographic images.

A full running hardware kit is available as an optional extra which includes many machined parts, flexi shaft, coupling, nuts and bolts, propeller and much much more, see "Related Items".

You will need the following basic tools and supplies to construct the Mini Sprint:
• Modelling knife
• Spring clamps, G clamps
• Various drill bits
• Flat file
• Round file
• Sanding block with 80 and 150 grit paper
• Masking tape
• Primer and paint
• Wood filler
• Epoxy finishing resin
• 5min and 30min epoxy
• Medium CA with accelerator

Length: 790mm
Width: 575mm
Height: 75mm (excluding rudder and turn fin)

Addional parts required to complete the JAE 21FE:
36mm brushless inrunner or outrunner motor
Electronic speed controller to suit your choice of motor
2 channel transmitter and receiver
Standard size MG rudder servo
4S 4000~5000mah lipoly battery
Receiver battery
JAE 21FE running hardware kit (see "Related Items")


Note: Zippkits JAE 21FE Fast Electric Outrigger Ultimate Running Hardware Combo Set is listed in the Accessories tab below. Click here for Hardware Combo Set

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JAEGA | Verified Buyer

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Very neat die cut kit

Mar 17, 2017

this fast electric hydro kit is a joy to build and a real joy to race or play with . all die cut parts are very well cut plus all timbers are excellent quality, solid carbon boom tubes and alloy turn fin included in kit. comes with an excellent builders/ construction manual as well. a very good motor / esc for this hull is the Turnigy XK 3674-2200kv running a 120 amp to 180 amp ESC, 4 cell Lipo around 4500 mah plus for a nice prop buy an ABC H7 and make sure its very sharp and well balanced. my only negative comment on this hull is the plywood used is abit on the heavy side for a fast electric, more suited for glow use i feel but over all it still goes very quick. if you have the dollars and driving skills try a NEU 1515-1Y Motor and hang onto your transmitter.

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