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ZIPPY Flightmax 2650mAh 3S1P 40C

ZIPPY Flightmax 2650mAh 3S1P 40C

Zippy Flightmax batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the market! No matter the application you have in mind, zippy lipoly batteries are an ideal choice.

Capacity: 2650mA...

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Zippy Flightmax batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the market! No matter the application you have in mind, zippy lipoly batteries are an ideal choice.

Capacity: 2650mAh
Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1V
Discharge: 40C Constant / 50C Burst
Weight: 228g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 135x45x19mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT60


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Kv(rpm/v)
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch):
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W)
  • A(mm)
  • B(mm):
  • Length B (mm):
  • C(mm)
  • Can Length D(mm)
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • D(mm):
  • Shaft A(mm)
  • E(mm)
  • F(mm):
  • Diameter C(mm):
  • Total Length E(mm)
  • SKU
  • Weight(g):
  • Length:
  • Width
  • Height
  • Capacity (mAh):
  • Discharge(c):
  • Length-A(mm)
  • Height-B(mm)
  • Width-C(mm):
  • Unit Weight (g):
  • Max Charge Rate(C)
  • Watt Hour

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this is a great battery that i am using on my first ever rc anything, a Q450 quad with 28 26 motors that should fly well!
Great battery. I use it in my Dynam A10 twin 64mm EDF, my Dynam Skybus (Hobby King) and in my CL415 float plane. Perfect size for these planes and heavy duty, with no excessive heating or puffing up thanks to the 40C discharge capacity. I'd recommend this battery unreservedly but I'd like to give it only 3 stars because the balance leads are prone to come loose - not due to mishandling, just plain dodgy soldering. This reduces battery life because balancing becomes impossible and a low battery alarm cannot be used. If you are spending around $20 per battery it would be really nice to know that the balance lead is not going to just drop out.
Super packs, I use them in my boat running 6s (2xseries) and what a difference with the 20c one's these are 40c. They are true to their capacity about 2700 mAh. I run them no lower than 3.8volt per cell. I bought these Zippy's to try out. I always use TGY batts but we'll see how long they will last. So far so good.
Just picked two of these up for my Aquacraft Wildcat (the big one). They work great, fit perfectly, and only get up to around 110-115 degrees F. Which isnt too bad in a boat with poor cooling haha. Probably get about 6-8min of runtime (est.) running 100pcnt throttle as much as possible.
Nice budget LIPO's does what they promise.. been using these in my Multiplex Funcub, and my buddy have tested then in a MX2 3D plane.. bang for ur buck!.. i recommend these if u are on a budget..
I bougt 2 of these. for my multi rotor. after running with lipo warner and never runing them below 10V both of them stopped being balancable by my charger after 10charges at 1C charge rate. (They charge up to 4.2volts per cell and then the blance never ends) This is what happens with my charger when lipos start to go bad. They still work perfect but a battery that start to break down after 10charges is not a good battery in my book(they hawe not started to be swolen yet).
And I let them rest for half an hour after use before charging.
When buying new batteries I will buy 65c ones hoping the quality is better. Maby they will last forever if you only discharge them to 11V max But I can not confirm this.
Maby I was only unlucky geting 2 batteries from a bad batch.
The value is awsome but I do not reccomend them for running a quad multi rotor with 3530 1100kv motors.
so equivalentes as nanotech
Pretty good batteries, doing double duty in my 450 and 500 (2x3S series) helis. I would go for the 45C version though, more pop and just a few cents more.
Im Mrz 2012 habe ich zwei dieser Akkus bestellt. Bei einem ist seit September die mittlere Zelle auf 1,5 Volt. Die Zellen 1 3 sind OK. In letzter Zeit muss ich leider feststellen das nur die Aufkleber in der C-Rate gestiegen sind jedoch nicht ihr Inhalt. Belaste diesen Akku mit maximal 44Ah und entnehme hchstens 1600 mAh lade nie ber 1C
Wegen durchsetzbaren Garantieansprchen werde ich Zukunft lieber einen hheren Preis vor Ort aktzeptieren und wieder in old Germany
bestellen Viel Billig ist halt leider nicht gnstig
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