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2,4 MG-500 mW 8ch A / V Módulo Transmisor

2,4 MG-500 mW 8ch A / V Módulo Transmisor


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Un módulo transmisor A / V 500 mW 2,4 GHz compacto diseñado para su uso FPV. Una unidad de excelente calidad que tiene 8 frecuencias seleccionables y salidas de audio / vídeo. Este transmisor le dará una excelente gama y muy buen video claridad.

Se utiliza un "Phase Lock Loop-Circuito Digital" sin problemas a la deriva de la temperatura. También cuenta con una placa de circuito altamente integrado para la máxima fiabilidad.

canales seleccionables: 2410/2430/2450/2470/2370/2390/2490 / 2510Mhz.

• Tamaño compacto
• gama excepcional
• Excelente claridad de vídeo
• El circuito altamente integrado
• Utiliza "Fase Circuito Lock Loop-digital", sin variación de la temperatura.

Frecuencia de transmisión: 2,4 GHz
Potencia de salida: 500 mW
Canales: 8
Voltaje de entrada: 5V
Desviación de modulación: la modulación FM 2.8MHz
Subportadora de frecuencia: 6.5MHz
Entrada de vídeo: Impedancia = 75ohms
Entrada de audio: Vp-p
Temperatura de funcionamiento: -10C ~ + 40C
Peso: 10,5 g (sólo transmisor)
Peso: 27,5 g (con antena incluida)
Peso: 51g (transmisor, la antena y A / V suministrado plomo)
Conector de salida RF: SMA
Dimensiones: 40 x 22 x 7 mm

Por favor, consulte a las autoridades locales en relación con el funcionamiento de este equipo antes de comprar. Reglamento sobre la salida de potencia, frecuencias utilizables y licencias para operar varían de una región a otra.


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Where to start. For the price I can't complain, even for the £9 including shipping I paid to the U.K this VTX is great. The whole "It utilizes a "Digital Phase Lock-Loop Circuit" without temperature drifting problems" I honestly don't know what they meant by this. This VTX does indeed turn into a toaster if you do not cool it; so I highly suggest you only power it up when you're going to use it, even then I suggest using a small heatsink. No manual which was mildly annoying, I originally thought it was broken since I was getting signal some times and not other times but it turned out to be a fault VRX I had, which I have now repaired. VTX works flawlessly and I'm rather happy with it, managed to penetrate a good 2-5 houses without issues when I walked up the street with my goggles.
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Out of three of them I bought, one doesn't work. Still haven't tried the third one. It would be easier if there was a manual or something for channel picking, I had to spend an hour for guessing them.
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works prety good with the 2.4 ghz lawmate reciver. it gets a bit hot so there should be enough airflow to cool it down or i could mount a small heatsink on it . I use it with the short 2.4GHz Circular Polarized Antenna set. works prety good . but for almost 50$ (i bought it cheaper when it was on cyber monday sale ) i would expect a manual or something or a t least a link with a manual so i know wich switches to flip for a specific frequency but there was no manual. All in all a prety good and small tx. i belive it works even better than my original lawmate 500mv 2.4g
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