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Multistar V-Spec 1304-3100KV Multi-rotor del motor (CW)

Multistar V-Spec 1304-3100KV Multi-rotor del motor (CW)


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Multistar V-Spec Outrunners están diseñados para maximizar el rendimiento! Estableciendo nuevos estándares en rendimiento multi-rotor, cada motor Multistar V-Spec está diseñada especialmente para una aplicación específica y ofrece una eficacia y el poder para ser optimizado para el uso previsto.

Lejos de ser sólo una cara bonita, motores Multistar V-Spec se construyen con componentes de alta calidad y métodos de fabricación; rodamientos de Japón, N45SH imanes, chapas .2mm, alambre de cobre libre de oxígeno 180 grados, 0,005 g de equilibrio de tolerancia, bobinados de precisión y rigurosa inspección post producción para asegurar que sólo los motores de búsqueda en su totalidad las especificaciones están disponibles para la venta.

El 1304-3100kv Multistar V-Spec es una verdadera joya de un motor diseñado para el mini gama de multi-rotores y optimizado para los apoyos de 5 pulgadas, ideal para esos marcos más estrictos en los apoyos 5 pulgadas es el máximo.

Multistar V-Spec sube el listón con su excelente calidad y rendimiento.

• Rodamientos Japón
• Imanes N45SH
• Laminaciones 0.2mm
• El alambre de cobre libre de oxígeno 180 grados
• Equilibrio de 0,005 g O mejor
• bobinados de precisión

KV (RPM / V): 3100KV
Voltaje: 7.4V (2S LiPoly)
La potencia máxima: 59W
Amps max: 8A
Sin corriente de carga: 0.3A / 10V
Resistencia interna: 0,46 ohmios
Número de polos: 9N / 12P
Eje del motor: 2 mm
Tamaño de Objeto: 5 x 3 recomienda
Espesor de la laminación: 0.2mm
Imanes: N45SH
Spec Equilibrio: 0,005 g
Wire: 180 grados de O2 libre
Perno agujero espaciamiento: 10 x 12 M2
Dimensiones: 13 x 4 mm A
Peso: 10g


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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
This little thing is Awesome! I used it to power a HobbyKing Ridge Ryder using a Turning plush 10A esc, and 0.8mah 2s.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
these motors are great the only reason i am giving them a 3 star is because of miss shipment and 2 broken motors out of 12
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
I bought these for the size. Got them in and found there are no adapters for the 2mm shaft to the 5mm hubs for propeller. If you get these, plan on making your own adapters.
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
I'm a little bit surprised that these motors are still so unknown and without any review here.
I'm following like so many the new trend of 1306 motors with only 3-3,5 inch props and full FPV stuff for AUW around 200g. I was looking for some lighter alternatives than 1306 but bigger/more powerful than 1104/1105 (which are great but not enough for 200g AUW).
And these 1304 fit perfectly in the gap between 110x and 1306 motors. Weight without nut (where I always use lighter and better stop nuts) is only 7,7g which ist around 4g less than usual 1306, so saves about 16g overall which is a lot for micro quads.
Thrust with 3-4 inch is similar as with 1306 but keep in mind that these 4g less means 1/3 less metal to cool down high currents! So 4S 4" may be to much or 5" 3S.
I personally would not use this motor for 5". They are great with the pricy Rotorx RX3040T or with Gemfam 3545BN GF/Nylon reinforced.
More kV would be nice as many people will use this motor only for 3-4 inch.
Sound/smoothness is fine so far, let's add some more test flights to give 5 Stars quality.
Motor cables are like most 1306 so-so and easy to break at the ESC soldering. So still room for improvement. The only small motors I know which do much better here with soft cables and multiple fine wires are RCX (even until 1105 size) and DYS 1306.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
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