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Aerostar 160A HV RVS G2 32bit (6~14S) Opto Electronic Speed Controller w/Reverse Function

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Aerostar 160A HV RVS G2 32bit (6~14S) Opto Electronic Speed Controller w/Reverse Function


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The Aerostar RVS G2 next-generation range of HV Opto brushless speed controllers moves these amazing ESCs up a notch from the ground-breaking original Aerostar RVS HV ESCs. New generation MOSFETs with the aid of the highly efficient cooling fan and finned, aluminum heatsink, ensure that the ESC stays within operating temperatures at all times, and can also safely handle the peak current draw specified. They process much faster due to the high-performance 32bit M4 microprocessor running at 170MHz, and have improved functionality and programmable features. Our RVS (reverse function system) is now instantaneous, with no need for the motor to stop turning, this makes it perfect for EDF braking (reverse thrust), and waterplanes for taxiing, etc. If you don't require the reverse function, simply do not connect the second lead to your receiver, it will then operate as a standard ESC.

The Aerostar RVS G2 HV brushless speed controllers have been designed for a range of fixed-wing applications including as mentioned above, EDF braking/reverse thrust, floatplane/flying boat operations, and with the soft-start function, geared motors using large standard or folding propellers. Another feature of the G2 range of ESC is the addition of HEF (Higher-Efficiency Function) technology. The HEF circuitry allows for better heat dissipation, and lower energy loss when used with certain applications, this function when selected is very similar to "Active Freewheeling". When set to "Off" (the factory default) it's perfect for low to medium KV outrunner motors, when set to "On", it's perfect for high KV outrunners, and inrunners such as those used in EDFs or direct drive racing models.

Features that have been retained from the original version are the super smooth start-up, linear throttle response, and multiple protection features. These protections include start-up (prevents motor accidentally starting when powering up), low-voltage cut-off, phase loss, and signal loss, to fully protect the components of your ESC. Programming the many functions of the Aerostar RVS G2 HV ESC is very simple using either your transmitter, the optional LCD programming card, or exclusive to the HV series the Aerostar App in conjunction with the optional Bluetooth module.

Being an "Opto" ESC it does not include a BEC/SBEC system, it will require a separate power source to power your servos and receiver, etc. This high-quality opto-coupling system uses light signals to transfer the electronic data that is provided by the receiver to the power circuit that drives the motor. This opto-isolation enhances safety by preventing electrical interference between the motor and the sensitive electronic control components.

• High- performance 32bit M4 microprocessor running at 170MHz for even faster processing
• RVS (reverse function system) allows for instantaneous selection of forward/reverse from the TX
• Includes "High-Efficiency Function" for improved heat dissipation and lower energy loss
• Includes a highly efficient cooling fan and finned aluminum heatsink
• Opto-coupled to prevent electrical interference
• This HV version can handle up to an incredible 14S (51.8V)
• Programmable using either your Tx, the optional LCD card, or the optional Bluetooth module

Type: Aerostar RVS G2 HV 32bit 160A (6~14S) Opto Electronic Speed Controller w/Reverse Function
Input Voltage: 6~14S LiPo (22.2~51.8V)
Continuous Current: 160A
Burst Current: 180A (10secs)
Forward/Reverse: Yes (switchable from Tx)
Programmable: Yes
BEC/SBEC: None (Opto)
Rx Connector: JR type
Dimensions: 78x45x32mm
Weight: 180g

Aerostar RVS G2 HV 32bit 160A (6~14S) Opto Electronic Speed Controller w/Reverse Function (no connectors installed)

Please note: A copy of the user manual and full list of programmable functions is available under the "Manuals/Files" tab.

  • Hobbyking Product Profile for the Aerostar G2 RVS Range of ESC Including EDF Braking
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