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HobbyKing módulo de los aviones de ala fija de sonido

HobbyKing módulo de los aviones de ala fija de sonido


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El módulo de sonido en aeronaves de ala fija HobbyKing es un simple sistema para adaptarse a módulo de procesamiento de audio ha sido diseñado específicamente para su uso con aviones RC y le permite llevar su modelo eléctrico pequeño a la vida con un ruido de motores de aviación realista que es proporcional a la aceleración!

realistas sonidos del motor son una gran adición a cualquier avión y por no ser excesivamente alto, este módulo es perfecto para su uso en cualquier campo del vuelo. Los sonidos del motor incluyen realista puesta en marcha y apagar, que se activa cuando el acelerador está avanzado y cerrado.

El módulo se fija fácilmente en paralelo con la batería del cableado / ESC y es lo suficientemente pequeño como para caber en cualquier espacio conveniente.

Llama la atención en el campo de vuelo hoy con este accesorio fantástico escala!

• Los sonidos de motores aeronáuticos realista
• Los sonidos del acelerador proporcionales
• Simple de instalar y usar
• compacto

Voltaje de funcionamiento: 4.6 ~ 20v
Corriente máxima: 1.2A
Temperatura de funcionamiento: 0 ~ 60 ° C
Rango de humedad: 20 ~ 90%
Dimensiones: 60 x 30 x 20 mm
Peso: 132 g

1 x Servo plomo "Y" (2F a 1 M)


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I have the same problem as TED,i bought 3 of these sound modules and none of them will respond to throttle input and Hobby King make it so hard to make a claim, they want a video showing that they dont work as they should, i dont have the resources to make and post a video so what do i do now,post them back to them then they can do what they should do ,asses them and replace if necessary or do i make a claim through Pay PAL
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I took a chance on this, For the price is pretty nice, sounds good, BUT... It has a 3'' dia. speaker( or about 76mm) So mounting might be a problem in a lot of planes. I was hoping it was a bit smaller version, Like they have in the old AT-6 plane, That I have, And it sounds awesome, But you can't get that sound system anymore, You won't install this in anything less then a plane with 55in. or over wingspan. Yer gonna need some room to fit that big speaker. Come'On Hobbyking, Go back to the basics that work!
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Nice, true Start sound, then Running sound according position of the Gas Stick and the impressive Stop sounds of a average Radial is what is inside this sound unit. I am quite happy with it in my 1400mm foamy Corsair. I ordered today a 2nd one for a friends 1932 type Norseman 1800mm Balsa Plane, that had a 9 cyl. Radial in it, too.
Only 4 Stars because, when you plug it in the 1st time per day, it is doing a kind of calibrating-to-the- gas-stick of the TX and spits out some odd and annoying sounds. If you unplug and re-plug it again, then the Loudspeaker stays calm as expected. as usual with these sound units, it is very loud in your hobby garage, but much less on the free flying field and even not-loud-enough in the Air, then...but for its price and simplicity, its okay.
HTH, Frank
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