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Durafly Tundra V2 Sports Model Replacement Green/Silver Fuselage w/Vertical Stabilizer

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Durafly Tundra V2 Sports Model Replacement Green/Silver Fuselage w/Vertical Stabilizer


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A pre-painted replacement fuselage with vertical stabilizer for the green/silver Durafly Tundra V2 sports model.

Note: This replacement spare part for the Durafly Tundra V2 is also compatible with the V1 Tundra. Please note you may need to repaint it due to the different color schemes in each version.

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Douglas | Comprador verificado

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Updated comment, Not compatible with original Tundra

Nov 20, 2021

Oops! Correction to earlier comment. V2 Fuselage may be backwards compatible with V1 except for landing gear straps mentioned, but it is NOT COMPATIBLE with original version of the Tundra! The built in connectors for the wings are a different size and polarity, and are located differently so they will not mate with the original wings. HobbyKing suggests that one can remove the connector and use servo extension connectors to wire directly to the wings, but I cannot confirm that.

Douglas | Comprador verificado

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Very good Quality, but sorely lacking in parts and instructions especially for retrofitting V! fuselage.

Oct 20, 2021

See review from Bernd. Mounting points for upgraded landing gear and wing struts require eight 2.5x5mm machine screws which are not furnished nor listed as additional parts required! Contrary to Bernd, the LG mounting straps are available and listed in Parts, but they are neither listed as required to complete the upgrade from V1 nor do they come with the necessary machine screws mentioned above! HobbyKing presumes one is just replacing a V2 fuselage and reusing the hardware!! So, V2 fuselage is not backwards compatible with the V1 as stated in description! But, contrary to Bernd, the V1 landing gear is compatible with the V2 fuselage although the V2 version may be better regarding the rear brace!

Bernd | Comprador verificado

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good quality, but NOT compatible with V1

Apr 01, 2021

The product itself is of good quality, and the improvements from V1 perspective are indeed great! But I bought it as a replacement fuselage for my V1 Tundra, relying on the description. While the paint scheme was no problem, the plastic parts in this new fuselage do not fit to my old parts at all. The wing roots have been newly designed, so a lot of plastic has to be ground away from my old wings. But the main problem is to fit the old main gear to the new fuselage: The supporting struts have been re-designed, they are now in one connected piece with a totally different counterpart in the fuselage. And the new plastic "straps" that hold the new gear in place are completely different from the old ones, longer and designed for threaded bolts, not for the old screws. Neither the straps nor the threaded bolts are delivered with the fuselage, and I could not find any spare part package that contains them, so I had to find suitable threaded bolts for the new metal threads in the fuselage, and I had to 3D-print the straps myself (luckily available in Thingiverse).

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