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LCD Display Kit de formación educativa Electrónica

LCD Display Kit de formación educativa Electrónica


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Aprende a conectar una pantalla LCD a un micro controlador y programarlo con este kit de entrenamiento. Los cables de puente breadboard y le permite construir rápida y fácilmente diferentes circuitos sin la necesidad de soldar.

Utilizar el software de forma gratuita desde Internet para programar el microcontrolador ATmega8A. El kit incluye todas las piezas y las instrucciones para construir un necesssary trabajar reloj de alarma, mensajes de la pantalla y detectar los objetos que utilizan un ojo compuesto IR.

Este kit incluye un folleto con instrucciones paso a paso y fotos en color que permite un fácil montaje para principiantes. Esta es la manera perfecta para aprender más acerca de la electrónica y cómo funcionan!

• No se requiere soldadura
• Pantalla LCD retroiluminado 16x2
sensor de ojo compuesto • IR
• ATmega8A MCU
• oscilador de cristal de 16 MHz
• USB para interfaz en serie
• tablero grande
• Más de 70 cables de conexión suministradas con el kit

la batería de 4 x AA


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Excellent product. Great introduction to electronics and not having to solder is a big plus. The instructions were excellent ( compared to some of those with plane kits I've bought from HK!! ) and photos good and even include a bit of an explanation eg why a capacitor is needed so the speaker doesn't pull too much current. Any more info I can google it. I might be 50yrs older than the 8yr old target audience but its exactly what I needed to get me started in robotics. I've built the alarm clock and it keeps good time. Still to try the compound eye. Only minus was no instructions for connecting the battery holder wires but they are suddenly shown connected in the photo for step 6 and easy to copy.
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verified_user Quality
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The breadboard supplied does not look like the one in the manual and the numbers do not line up as shown . The microprocessor does not have the pins numbered at all so which way does it go?
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verified_user Quality
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A completely fantastic product...rated ages 8 (!!)...a great educational choice.

It ran the alarm clock program as soon as I plugged it into my USB power supply. The program was preloaded on the CPU...a nice touch.

When I switched to batteries, it wouldn't work. I discovered the red lead protective diode was backwards; which I easily resoldered to reverse and correct. A set of AA batteries lasted about 15 hours.

As suggested in the kit, I ran the 'Hello World' program to confirm I was able to compile and upload to the problem (be sure to configure to the correct CPU).

I have an application for the compound IR eye, so I was disappointed that I could not get the sample program from the Arexx site (which did provide the program for the LCD_alarm_clock.rar file successfully). I will join the discussion blog in hopes of finding one.

Gave me the education and physical bits (motherboard, wires, display, etc.) that I wanted. Great deal.

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