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Extra de 260 1372mm 40S clase Escala 3D (ARF)

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Extra de 260 1372mm 40S clase Escala 3D (ARF)


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Las líneas clásicas y capacidad probada de la extra 260 se combinan para hacer de él uno de los modelos más populares de acrobacia. El Hobbyking extra sin duda se ve la pieza y no se equivoque, 3D volar es lo que este excelente modelo es todo! La calidad de este extra es simplemente tan bueno como se pone, la estructura del avión se ha construido para mantener el peso volar mínimo, pero lo suficientemente fuerte como para soportar el castigo de las acrobacias aéreas extremas, la magnífica cubierta de la calidad ha sido hábilmente aplicada y para el toque final, los pantalones de la capucha, del pabellón y las ruedas tienen un acabado en pintura brillante de profundidad. El hardware es excelente y también elegido para mantener el peso volar a un mínimo absoluto y por supuesto el modelo de características que conectar el tubo del ala y ala CF como era de esperar para un fácil transporte. Los H-King extra 260 realiza cada pulgada tan bien como se ve, naturalmente, que lo convierte en un gran plano deportivo, pero sería justo decir que el hardcore en 3D es lo que el extra ha sido diseñado. La precisión de la estructura del avión, impresionante aspecto, calidad de la línea superior y especificaciones de peso pluma asombrosas hacer el extra 260 un avión debe tener para todos los pilotos acrobáticos y 3D!

• Apariencia clásica
• Construcción de calidad superior y cubriendo
• Fácil y rápido de construir
• Ultra peso ligero pero fuerte fuselaje
• Con una excelente aplicado, de alta calidad que cubre
• empenage perfil aerodinámico completo
• acoplamiento de la bola y varillas de control de alambre del tirón del piano / tire del timón
• Impresionante capacidad 3D
• montaje en campo rápido, fácil de transportar

Envergadura: 1372mm
Longitud: 1240mm
Área de ala: 37dm2
Peso seco: 1100g (inc todo el hardware)
Peso del vuelo: 2000g 2200g ~ (Aprox)

Se requiere:
Su propia 4 ~ 6 Canal TX / RX
42 mm sin escobillas del motor Outrunner
60A ~ 80A ESC
servo 4 x Digital High Torque Parque ~ Std
4s 3300mAh 4500mAh ~ ~ 5s Lipo batería
Spinner 50mm

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Wolf | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 03, 2015

I've ordered the model on a Sunday from the global warehouse and got it next Friday in the UK - perfect service. The kit is complete, very well built, solid motor mount, no need to re-glue. GRP cowl and spats perfectly spray painted, complete set of accessories, no need to replace anything apart from the tail wheel ( I don't like to fix it to the rudder, but it's a matter of taste), printed short instructions are included. I've equipped her with an NTM 42-48 650 KV, YEP 90A ESC, Turnigy Nano Tec 5S 5Ah 35-70C Lipo, Prop APC 13x8, Bluebird Standard size 620 Servos for elevator and rudder, Bluebird BMS-706 low profile for ailerons (plastic gear unfortunately). CG can be easily adjusted by moving the lipo. In my case with the rather heavy servo at the tail, the battery is 10mm in front of the wing tube. Weight including battery is 2,450g. Time to assemble ready to fly 6 hours. Flies very well.

Maurice | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Dec 30, 2014

This is a great ARF. It's essentially the Hyperion Extra 260 40e.
Flying it with the NTM prop drive 42-38 and a 14X6 prop from Aeronaut.
Spinner is a Dubro 2.5". Battery: 2650 mAh 4s or 3000mAh 4S. Flies great.
Mine came in at 1800 g, fully built. Add a 200-250 g 4s LiPo and you have a nice Aerobatic plane just above 2 kg.

linksu | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 06, 2014

Very nice plane

Motor Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 4250-500kv

Speed Controller TURNIGY Plush 80A w/ UBEC

Battery ZIPPY Compact 3700mAh 6S 35C Lipo Pack

Prop Tgs sport 14x8E

Servo Corona DS339HV Digital Metal Gear Servo 5.1kg/ 32g/ 0.13 Sec

flying time 15min


Peter | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jun 25, 2014

This is an extremely well designed and built model. Very well painted and covered. The double bevelled control surfaces give a full 60 degrees throw in each direction, which is spot on for 3D aerobatics. The carbon win spar is 580mm long, which on a 1380mm wing span model is incredibly strong, it's also a very good fit in the fuselage and wings. I chose a SK3 5045-450kv Turnigy motor with 5mm stand-offs, a 16" x 7" Vox wood prop, YEP 100A ESC, Zippy Compact 5S 4000mAh 20C LiPo, Ino-Lab D250MG servos and a KST D145 servo on elevator via a C/F push rod from just behind the wing spar. C of G came out just in front of the wing spar, which is pretty much to spec. The pull/pull rudder set up has pre-installed tube exits at the rear of the fuselage. (very nice indeed ). All in all a very good model to assemble. I'll enjoy flying this one.

labf1 | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Apr 02, 2014

Converted mine one to glow. Flying with a ASP 52 four stroke. It flies well, the CG is alright with this engine. Thank's HK!

stefos | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Mar 15, 2014

My 15 year old son flies this 260 5 days a week for the past 3 months. He punishes it through every possible maneuver and it is still going strong. Power is NTM Prop Drive Series 42-48 650KV, 70A ESC, 4 cell 2700ma battery, 16 x 7 prop. Take-off is 6 feet on grass, climbs straight up until nearly out of sight, flight time 8-10 minutes depending on power used. This 260 is both highly maneuverable and controllable. It has a gentle and predictable stall and does not surrprise with anything unexpected. Beef up the landing gear attach structure before flight and enjoy great flying.

richardo | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Mar 01, 2014

Just a great plane! Installed SK3 4250 500kv motor; AE 80a esc; Turnigy s3317m x 4 servos; 3a UBEC; Zippy compact 3700mAh 35c 5S pack; 15x8e wood prop. This setup it's not for speed, but has plenty of tork when you need it. Goes vertical @ half throttle. With around 2:1 thrust to weight, wonder why:). Cruise around under half throttle. Inverted flight is perfect. Knife edges beautifully. Put in a decent size rudder servo arm on pull pull setup. Glides in forever with a slight breeze. With this setup, CG is almost spot on with battery edge on and hard up on carbon spar in fuse.
Overall, one of the best aerobatic flyers I have!

John Howard | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Feb 24, 2014

Very good plane
I used 4258 NTM and 4s 4000 initially
Changed to 4248NTM with Turnigy Nano Lipo $s 3300 Lipo and 13X7 prop
190g lighter than initial combo
This latter combo does 750 Watts plus which is more than adequate
5 minute fairly aggressive aerobatic flight and Lipo's need 2000Mah to recharge
Good combo
Very good value

| Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Dec 01, 2013

First flight was uneventfull, it did't need any trim to either control. The power is very very good for the weight - 4S is plenty, 5S would just be redundant weight. I made double upline snaps with out it slowing down at all. Tracking was excellent in the calm wind. Rolls were very axial. In knife-edge it pulled a bit to the belly with the CG at 950mm (at the wing tube), but the manual calls for 115, so I will move it back.

The Extra is lighter than the YAK 54 40e and i fly it on 4sp1 4000 facing alot of power.

Ruston | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Nov 20, 2013

Very good model that flies well once the motor thrust line is correct. Very little knife edge coupling. Mine is setup with a SK3 4240 760kV spinning a light electric 13x6 wooden prop powered by a 4s 4000mAh giving around 750W which is perfect for this plane. Flight times are well over 10mins. I have used Hitec HS225 servos all around.
This is the same as the Hyperion model at a very good price.
The only negative is the colour scheme which, although looks smart (based on Patty Wagstaff's full size version) is not good for visibility, I'd suggest adding some large brightly coloured sponsors stickers.

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