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FPV que compite con aviones no tripulados AP con OSD BEC para CC3D

FPV que compite con aviones no tripulados AP con OSD BEC para CC3D


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Este FPV función multi Drone AP Para su controlador de vuelo CC3D ha sido diseñado para proporcionar un rendimiento y fiabilidad de carreras. La habilitación de una, fuente de alimentación sólido quebradizo a su elección de ESC y también del suministro de energía dentro y fuera de las cámaras, el transmisor de LED, etc.

La potencia puede ser suministrada por una batería 2S a 6S LiPoly y apoya en pantalla para banco (OSD) para mostrar voltios, amperios, Temporizador y RSSI.

OSD es compatible con el firmware MWODS como Cleanflight, Betaflight y Baseflight.

Esta es una prueba de balas AP con OSD para sus aviones no tripulados que compite con FPV.

• placa de distribución de alimentación + 5V / 12V BEC + OSD
• tensión de entrada 2-6S Soporte
• lámina de cobre 2 oz, 4 tablas de capa para asegurar la base de la corriente grande
• Dual BEC, 5V / 12V
• Función de OSD, firmware apoyo KVteam MWOSD, viene con FTDI
• Soporta OSD características tales básico voltios, amperios, temporizador y la RSSI.
• 36 x 36 mm de tamaño, el mismo agujero de instalación como Naze32, CC3D, SP3

Voltaje de entrada: 5-24V DC (2-6S LiPoly)
BEC: 5V / 2A y 12V / 2A conmutable
Distribución actual máxima: 70A constante, 100A Burst
Dimensiones: 36 x 36 x 4 mm
Los agujeros de montaje: 30,5 x 30,5 mm M3 (Standard)

Peso: 7,3 g


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I received the board fairly well packaged and flashed it with the latest MWOSD firmware as per specification. The board was flashed successfully, as well as programmed. Then it worked ok-ish for a couple of times. OK-ish, because the fonts were not displayed properly, but that might be the firmware's fault, not the board's.
Anyway, what seemed stupid, and yes it's a strong statement, but that's just hoew it is, because if you look at the first picture at the left hand side corner of the board, you'll she a tiny tiny component soldered very very close to the mounting hole. When you screw the standoff for the FC chances are you'll knock that component of it's pads. So really not very well thought layout. Other than that could be a fine board.
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verified_user Quality
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This is basically a very good product and an excellent value, but I must give it a low rating because of a build quality issue. The chip that does the OSD video overlay wasn't fully soldered to the board. Most of the chip's pins weren't soldered at all, resulting in a very flaky video signal (which I originally blamed on my video transmitter/receiver pair). I was able to fix the unit by soldering the missing connections under a microscope, but that's far beyond typical hobbyist capabilities. Most folks would have to return the product at their own expense, or worse, would suffer an in-flight failure. Examine the unit under a magnifier before installing it!

Once all the parts were properly soldered and the board was cleaned and dried (dish soap, hot water, and a toothbrush, followed by blow-off with dry air), the unit works well. I'm using the Minoposd firmware with LibrePilot loaded on the HK CC3D Mini.
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