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What is FPV?

FPVFirst Person View

FPV puts you in the pilot's seat by utilizing the latest in video transmission technology. It guarantees edge of your seat flying as if you are actually sitting in the aircraft.


How does FPV work?

The camera sits in the aircraft and transmits a signal to the viewer on the ground. The viewer on the ground then receives the signal either through a set of goggles or through a ground viewing station. As the signal is received, the viewer can watch the video output in real-time, using a normal remote control to maneuver the aircraft as if they were sitting in the airplane's cockpit!


What do I need for FPV?

There are many ways to enjoy FPV but the quickest and easiest way is by using these three key items:

  1. An FPV suitable camera
  2. video transmitter (sometimes called a VTX)
  3. transmitter aerial and a receiver aerial (these normally come together)
  4. A set of FPV goggles


What else do I need to know?

There are certain rules surrounding FPV. Generally you can't fly close to people, spy on your neighbors, or fly close to airports and other full-size aircraft. For more info contact your local model flying authority like the AMA, BMFA, MAAA or FAI.


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