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H-King Bixler 3 (PNF) Planeador 1550mm (61")

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H-King Bixler 3 (PNF) Planeador 1550mm (61")


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Mejorando el Bixler 2, este último modelo es el avión de entrenamiento de radiocontrol perfecto, el planeador de radiocontrol perfecto y el avión FPV perfecto para principiantes. Coloque su cámara de vuelo en la nariz o en la capota del avión para disfrutar de la vista en primera persona mientras vuela. El avión Bixler 3 PNF es un modelo Plug-N-Fly que requiere un sistema de radio y batería.

Con una nueva combinación de colores, el contraste dinámico y las rayas en la parte inferior facilitan la orientación. El motor se ha actualizado a un Outrunner sin escobillas de 2620-1400KV para tiempos de vuelo más eficientes. Combine este avión de espuma RC eléctrico con una batería LiPo 2200mAh 3S 20C, así como un transmisor y receptor de 6 canales de 4GHz para un vuelo óptimo.

Lo suficientemente pequeño como para caber en su automóvil, la carga de ala baja y un fuselaje elegante crean un práctico avión de radiocontrol que es fácil de transportar a su campo de vuelo favorito. El Bixler 3 viene con solapas opcionales que están prebisagradas (servos no incluidos). Estos flaps son particularmente ideales para pilotos de FPV que llevan una carga útil más pesada.

Hecho de espuma EPO súper resistente, el Bixler 3 tiene un ala y una cola angulares cónicas. Los accesorios de empuje y la electrónica preinstalada hacen de este un gran avión de radiocontrol para principiantes. Perfecto para volar en la playa o en el parque local, el Bixler 3 cuenta con un tren de aterrizaje con clip opcional, así como alas con clip para un montaje rápido y fácil almacenamiento.

• Colores dinámicos y rayas en la parte inferior para una fácil orientación.
• Tren de aterrizaje con clip opcional.
• Puntales de empuje seguros
• Superficies angulares cónicas del ala y la cola.
• Opciones de FPV en la nariz y la capota del avión
• Ala con clip de dos piezas para un montaje y almacenamiento rápidos.
• Motor actualizado para tiempos de vuelo más eficientes.

Envergadura: 1550 mm
Longitud: 948 mm
Peso de vuelo: 890g
ESC: 20A
Motor: Outrunner sin escobillas 2620-1400KV
Objeto: 8x4
Servo: 4 x 9g

Batería: batería LiPo 2200mAh 3S 20C
Transmisor y receptor de 6 canales

  • IC / 2 : Elec Electric
  • Envergadura ( mm ) 1550.00
  • Length(mm) 948.00
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  • H-King Bixler 3 1500mm Glider
  • H-King Bixler 3 Glider FPV
  • Bixler Fly Away Followed by Search & Rescue
  • Bixler Lost & Found
  • HK Bixler3 in Lanzarote Dez.2021
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VINCE | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Aug 06, 2022

The Bixler3 is easy to assemble and easy to fly.
Good platform for FPV - lots of room inside for equipment.

AETR.Deezy | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Good trainer

Aug 05, 2022

It's a good pick for a new hobbyist. But; it can be improved on.
Example: the bottomside of the fuselage started to split where the front landing gear and the seam meet. I didn't notice that it was splitting and on one of my flights the landing gear and the bracket that holds the landing gear in place fell out.
Bottomline: check the plane out after you unbox it and add glue and tape whereever you think it needs it.
Conclusion: Good plane. It'll take the abuse a newbie; such as myself, puts it through.

Erwin | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Good glider but...

Aug 03, 2022

I did install the flap servo's directly when I got the glider. Like someone else also mentioned the servo-cables (ailerons) are (to) short. Also the cables for the flap-servo's had to be modified to longer one's and even at this moment it is still difficult to install the wing.The receiver is installed on the underside of the wingbeam I'm flying the plane without main gear, so the center of gravity was to much to the rear with the recommended 1800 or 2200mA lipo. Adding weight in the nose is an option but when I install a 3300mA lipo (upright) then the center of gravity is OK. I did only fly the plane with a 1800 and 2200mA lipo and with these lipo's I should not recommend the plane for a beginner. Instead take then a Tundra; it's really a good plane and even without flaps the landing speed is verry low ! I hope the glider will fly better with the 3300mA lipo

SNO95 | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Pretty cool

Jul 31, 2022

Flies great, the wheels could be bigger but it's easy to mod. Mine didn't come with glue so have some, just in case.

home | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Jul 21, 2022

Bought as a beach flyer so undercarriage left off, needed a little nose weight to achieve CG position. Flies great. Arrived within 2 days from Oz warehouse via Oz post. DO NOT USE ARAMAX FOR DELIVERY!

Gery | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great beginner trainer plane with a lot of cargo space

Jul 03, 2022

This is my first plane, so I am not an expert, but I want to share my first experiments.
I bout the PNP version, which is surprising not fully assembled. I had to glue the tail together. This was a problem for me, I do not buy glue, because I thought it was glued together.
My second problem is the length of the power and the servo cables. I have to take the ESC as close as possible to the battery because the power cable is so short, but so the throttle servo cable does not reach the receiver. My solution is a servo extension cable, which again I didn't know in advance that I should buy.
My third problem is the wing servo cables. The wings are removable, which is recommended for delivery. But the servo cables directly connect to the receiver and it is not easy to pull them out or plug them in. I bought two servo extension cables and glued them to the wall of the plane.
If you do not want to install an action camera on the plane, you have to take around 90g weight to the nose.
My next project is to install an FC on the plane, which would not be easy because the biggest cargo tray is only accessible from the top.
Overall this is a good trainer plane with a lot of opportunities.
The original price, in my opinion, is a little high. If I would like to buy another one, I would wait for a sale.
My recommended additional parts for the plane:
- Polystyrene glue
- 3 x short servo extension cables
- 90g weight
- Strong double-sided tape
- Strong tape

Neilsy | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great beginner plane

Jun 29, 2022

Found using a 2700 lipo balance plane exactly. Flys well but not in stronger winds a bit to light to hold line.

Timo | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great Plane

Jun 17, 2022

The Bix3 is a really great plane. For this price class the workmanship and the quality of the accessories are superior. All fits together and is functional. Only one little trivia I have to mention: The magnets of the hood weren´t strong enough to fit in position during flight for my opinion, so i save it with an extra rubber band. But this is not a problem.
Additionally i would strongly recommend to use the optional flaps. All lies within the box you only have to spend 2x 9gr servos, which surely are stocking already in your personal workshop.
The Bix3 glides much better than i have expected, and with the flaps it becomes to a real thermal snuffler. In the evening when the air becomes quiet, it makes great fun to fly with him. in the next step my fpv equipment will be build in, enough space and options are in the design of the plane to do so without a doubt.
I only have to say, buy one :-)

Ziggy | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Super slow flying forgiving plane

Jun 08, 2022

Plane flies very well with 3s 3000mah all they way forward..... 12-20 minute flight time while cruising and gliding around!
Plane is not very aerobatic but has amazing STOL performance and can be hand launched

Steve | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Bixler 3 review

May 21, 2022

This is my 5 Bixler and this aircraft doesn't disappoint its easy to assemble and easier to fly. I've had many aircraft before but this, when flying or gliding basically in any wind speed or weather conditions is a joy.
The aircraft is robust and easy to repair. As a trainer its easy to see and keep orientation in perspective.
Value for money means that its affordable and in most peoples reach.

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