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Manía Rey 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx y Rx V2 (Modo 1)

Manía Rey 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx y Rx V2 ...

HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx y Rx V2 (Modo 1) (acelera a la derecha) 2.4ghz sistema de Hobbykings T4A es un transmisor de nivel de entrada que ofrece la fiabilidad de la tecnología de señal de 2,4 GHz y un receptor.

El T4A hace un buen t...

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HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx y Rx V2 (Modo 1) (acelera a la derecha)
2.4ghz sistema de Hobbykings T4A es un transmisor de nivel de entrada que ofrece la fiabilidad de la tecnología de señal de 2,4 GHz y un receptor.

El T4A hace un buen transmisor de copia de seguridad o una toma en cualquier lugar la unidad. Dejarlo caer, rascarse, lo deje en el coche y olvidarse de él. Esto es lo que el T4A se trata.
No es adecuado para la flapperon múltiples, mezclador, vtail, FPV, robot control de aficionado.

Características principales;
transmisor de 2,4 GHz de 4 canales con servoinversión.
Fácil de usar el control para los modelos básicos.
Incluye receptor de 6 canales
opción del sistema formador.
Este sistema no necesita un PC para programar la dirección del servo.

1 x transmisor de 2,4 GHz
1 x Receptor 2.4Ghz
1 x enchufe de enlace.

Sólo los receptores HK-T6A es comptible con el transmisor HK-T4A.
Sólo receptor HK-T6Av2 es compatible con el transmisor HK-T4Av2.

Información adicional

  • Contador de la cuchilla:
  • Diámetro X ( pulgadas ):
  • SKU (Número de Referencia)
  • Watt Hora
  • Peso ( g):
  • Longitud:
  • Ancho
  • Altura

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Very good for beginers or "backpack" transmiter for 4 chanel planes or less. The range is good, until 300 metres (1000 feet) and still keep control. The Hk t6a v2 fit' as the Hk gt2 3 chanels and tgy 9x v2. It bind the axion rc "link and fly" series. I already have 6 planes bind on that transmiter and fly them with no problem. Good product, cheap but efficient.
I have a problem with this model, when i move any button move the others ! and i can not calibrate it to 0 !
Very easy to bind, full range, very high quality for the price (actually expected less!). I've found that the switches move well without any bad grinding or sticking, the sticks also feel pretty good in tracking. The receiver is lightweight and sturdy.
Diese Anlage ist vom Preis unschlagbar! Alle notwendigen Funktionen sind vorhanden
und das Binding ist einfach, auch ohne Anleitung. Die fr Deutschland wichtigen
Prfzeichen sind auch vorhanden. Beim Zoll kein Problem, der Postbote klingelt und
das Pakat war da. Ideale Anlage fr den Einstieg
Super Preis/leistung. Einfaches binding. Keine Zollprobleme, alle CE Zeichen und
Zulassung in Deutschland auf dem Sender angebracht.
This is a very basic 4 channel Transmitter/Receiver combo. I suggest using it only on park flyers and beginner craft. My experience with this TX/RX gives a steady range of 350m any further and you start having issues. If your looking for a cheap start that will get you in the air this will do it.
These are a great transmitter if you dont want any bells and whistles. I have used them for rc yachts and have never had a problem. They bind easily to the reciever and have a good range.
They are sturdy enough to be knocked around (within reason!) If price is your issue then buy this one
first time i have had one i am new to rc it came buy post pretty fast it dose what it says on the box and i done what you guys and girls said. simple i can reccomend it to any one. its worth looking at the reviews
good trany the throtle is on the right and its stays were you place it and its agood robust pice of good kit
very good radio... but the price is expensive than what is used to be
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