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Manía Rey S0361 3,6 g / .45kg / .12sec servo micro

Manía Rey S0361 3,6 g / .45kg / ...

Pequeño pero fuerte servo. Rebuildable.

Tensión de funcionamiento: 4.8 ~ 6.0V
Velocidad de funcionamiento (4.8V): 0.12sec / 60 °
Velocidad de funcionamiento (6.0V): 0.10sec / 60 °
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essential items and
Pequeño pero fuerte servo. Rebuildable.

Tensión de funcionamiento: 4.8 ~ 6.0V
Velocidad de funcionamiento (4.8V): 0.12sec / 60 °
Velocidad de funcionamiento (6.0V): 0.10sec / 60 °
Puesto de par (4.8V):
Puesto de par (6.0V):
Ralentí actual: 4 mA
Corriente corriente: 120mA
Mantenga la corriente: 350 mA
Peso: 3,6 g (0,13 oz)
Conector: Estándar JR Estilo
Estos servos están bien hechos y pueden ser reconstruidos.
El manual servos señala que también se puede quitar la base del servo para reducir aún más el peso.

Servo viene con los accesorios, instrucciones y una garantía completa.


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  • Diámetro X ( pulgadas ):
  • SKU (Número de Referencia)
  • Watt Hora
  • Peso ( g):
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These do not come with servo arms that fit the Hobbyking Slow Stick control rod adjusters for the rudder and elevator. They are also not as large as the servos that come with the complete Slow stick. I dont recomend them for the slow stick as I am now looking for the right size arms and cannot find the quick adjusters on HK.
Nano servos relacion preciol calidad la mejor!
Thise little things are very precise. A bit better than the HXT500.
4 achet un qui ne fonctionne pas , peine l'ont touche la tte que le servo fait n'importe quoi, je voulais prendre des micro turnigy mais backorder , j'aurais mieux fait d'attendre ..... je ne les recommande pas.
positive-Nice, small and lightweight servo, suitable for small foam models.
negative- Bad centering and irregular movement.
I ordered (3) of these for a delta wing with (1) to be a spare.
The weight is a full gram heavier than stated.
The location of the cam on one of the servos was off and I could not get the control arm to align at 90 degrees at the servo neutral position. The other (2) were fine.

I would have given them 5 Crowns if not for the incorrectly stated weight and the fact that one servo cam is misaligned.
???????? ??. ?????? ?? Bonsai. ????????? ?? ???? ??????? ??????? ? ????? ??????????? ? ?????? =)
This little servo suffer a lack of precision.
Average quality, not so fast, not very good centering.
i'm rather disapointed with this product: I bought two of them and had to replace them with other servos because the lack of precision that is very anoying on a 3D foamy.
I got a set to replace the hk mini DLG servos I stripped, they are 2cm too small. Thanks product description!
No worries. They work great.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 17cm tall / 18cm long / 8cm wide / 3.6g
4 anyone with a mini dlg the servo slots are 16cm wide / 20 cm long
Bought these for a mini-breeze glider. They don't hold centre well which makes flying more difficult than it should be. They were also inadequate for the ailerons with jittering and imprecise movement. The gears strip and the cases break quite easily in less than perfect belly landings. Perhaps stick with using them for really light indoor or micro stuff only..
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essential items and

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