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Sistema Hobbyking X-coche sin cepillo 5200KV Potencia / 100A

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Sistema Hobbyking X-coche sin cepillo 5200KV Potencia / 100A

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Un sistema sin escobillas muy potente para cualquier 1/10 o 1/12 camión escala, coche o con errores, la serie Hobbyking X-Car ofrece un alto rendimiento y gran valor en un paquete fácil de usar combinado. Con este sistema, el motor y el ESC se emparejan para un mejor rendimiento que le ahorra la molestia de la elección de los componentes por separado a sí mismo. Simplemente soldar en sus conectores favoritos, instalar un engranaje de piñón y su listo para funcionar!

• Respuesta mejorada del acelerador, la linealidad del acelerador precisa, excelente aceleración y frenos fuertes
• Programable con la tarjeta de programación X-Car Hobbyking para realizar ajustes. (incluido)
• Detecta automáticamente el número de células dentro de la batería.
• Características de protección múltiples: Protección de baja tensión de corte, protección del sobrecalentamiento, protección contra la pérdida de señal del acelerador y el motor bloqueados protección.
• Compatible con NOVAK, PRL y motor sin escobillas ORION Sensored.
• Alta calidad de acabado anodizado CNC.
• temporización ajustable permite un ajuste fino.
• El funcionamiento Sensored asegura arranques suaves y aceleración.
• orificios de refrigeración grande para mantener la temperatura baja.
• El funcionamiento de alta eficiencia.

ESC Especificaciones:
Corriente continua: 100A
Burst actual: 760A
Resistencia: 0.0003ohm
Coche conveniente: 1/10, 1/12 y fuera de carretera.
Batería: 2-3 células Lipo (5-9 células de Ni-xx)
BEC de salida: modo de conmutación / 3A 6V buit-in
Tipo de motor: los motores sin escobillas Sensorless y sensored
Modo de servicio: sólo hacia adelante o hacia adelante con marcha atrás (modo programable por el usuario)
Dimensiones: 43 x 40 x 34 mm
Peso: 112 g

Especificaciones del motor:
Modelo: 3650 Sensored
KV: 5200
Escala: 1/10, 1/12
Activa: 6.5T
Peso: 171 g
Diámetro: 36 mm
Longitud: 52,5 mm
Diámetro del eje: 3,17 mm

100A sin sensor / Sensored sin escobillas CES
3650 6.5T (5200Kv) de motor sin escobillas
Tarjeta de programación Hobbyking X-Car
cable de sensor

  • Hobbyking X-Car Brushless Power System
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serdar | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
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Customer Rated

Aug 09, 2014

I am using this on my tamiya sand scorcher. all setup settings are default. with an custom made 6 cell 3600mh nimh battery pack, using it for about 45 min..... no heath, nothing ..... the original tamiya brushed esc burned out after 20 min. So, I decided to buy this combo. programming card is very easy to use. thank you hobbyking...

Rehtschi | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Sep 14, 2012

First thing I'd like to say is, this set is a hell of power for a 1/10th monster truck. Got it, installed it and.... nothing. I had to reprogram it multiple times until it worked properly.
Had very much fun with this set until it broke down. First issue it had, the ESC burnt down 2 fans. No problem, cause i connected the fan on my receiver. After that, i drove 2 LiPolys until it stopped working.
The ESC was, except the fan-issue fine, but the motor stopped working properly and made some serious sounds. Also it pulled too much current so the cables of the whole system were really warm, too warm.
Sent the whole set back and wait for the replacement. Hopefully it is a good set.
The main problem with those products is, thet they won't get a REAL quality check. Only a quick review and its gone to shipping.
Please try to improve the quality checks so products like mine wont go out of the factory.
Thats the reason why i rated 3 crowns for quality.

payaso | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Aug 03, 2012

man i have the 9200kv combo in my pro stock 1/10 car and it has so much power the car just flips over man this thing is just completly wild that was my first run on 2 s lipo 1800mah and i still havent dialed it in and programmed it what i did have to do is put weight in the front of the car so it wont flip over and sometimes it still does wheelies when it gets enough traction awesome man i mean awesommeeeee .

Mark | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
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Customer Rated

Jul 23, 2012

Grate quatily product, I put it in my 1/10 hsp buggy it went from 30km/h to 80-90km/h. I also brought a turngy 7.4v 5800mah Lipo battery to go with it, I get 40 minutes or more run time. Love the program card I use it for the kids for reducing the speed so they can have a go. Highly recommend.

Martin | Comprador verificado

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Customer Rated

Jun 07, 2012

this is an amazing combo for my HPI brama 10b....price is amazing...power of the motor is amazing :) I'm satisfied with this combo :) this 5200 KV is enough for really fast driving and in combination with my lipoly 5000 mAh it is gives about 1 hour running on full throtle....I must recomend it...well done hobbyking :)

Malisa | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
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Customer Rated

May 29, 2012

Great system! Put it on the SC and Maverick .... on Wheels 40mm wide drift, with the ESC and motor is a little heated. This system is just perfect for Drift and Touring CAR CAR

Ooben | Comprador verificado

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

May 10, 2012

I want to expand my last post....first off I wasn't paying attention, I wanted to give this combo 5 stars across the board...

The brushed motor I had in my HPI Pro2 was a 16 turn double, I figured there was no way a 6.5 brushless would handle that tall of gearing. So I set the torque limiter to the highest setting, set the motor timing one notch below standard, and limited the total motor power to 50pcnt. I used an old 7 cell 1700Mah nicad (I know, not even close to ideal). After 5 minutes of running I checked the motor temp, was about 40* cooler than the brushed setup was running, and I still had 300mah left in the battery. This is what I'm the most impressed with, the fact you can so easily tailor the motor/speed controller to your own individual setup, no more swapping out different wind brushed motors to suit the track conditions, just plug in the programming card, and then go pound asphalt.....

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