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HobbyKing ™ C-47 / DC-3 EPO blanca 1600mm (Kit)

HobbyKing ™ C-47 / DC-3 EPO blanca 1600mm (Kit)

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essential items and

Personalizar ese modelo de avión de sus sueños con la versión del kit de la HobbyKing ™ 1600 mm de envergadura C-47 / DC-3. Llega como la estructura del avión completamente moldeado sin montaje o pintura terminada. Viene con todo el hardware, piezas de plástico, piezas de espuma, piezas de madera, hélices, y las patas del tren de aterrizaje. Para completar el modelo, el cliente debe suministrar motores, reguladores de velocidad, servos, se retrae, la batería y ninguna pintura adicional, las etiquetas o adhesivos necesarios para completar el montaje final. Esta es la mejor manera de configurar el C-47 / DC-3 exactamente como usted quiere!

Volar la C-47 es un lujo. Las grandes superficies de cola, una carga alar de luz, un montón de energía, y un amplio lavado se combinan para hacer un avión de manejo dócil. Vuela lento, vuela rápido, esto se ve muy bien desde todos los ángulos a cualquier velocidad!

Para el DC-3 avión civil versión Plug and Fly haga clic aquí.
Para la versión militar Plug and Fly C-47, haga clic aquí.

• Kit versión - piezas de espuma desnudo, plástico y madera, ninguna asamblea
• fuselaje EPO Moldeado
• Perno juntas de construcción, sin pegamento necesario
• Gran ventanilla de la pila magnéticamente garantizado
• Apertura de la puerta del lado del pasajero y otros detalles escala

Envergadura: 1600mm
Longitud: 1103mm
Peso: 1700g
Servos 9g: 6x, 2 x 25g
Control de velocidad: 20A
Motor: 2 x 2215 960kv Outrunner

el transmisor y el receptor 6CH
6 x 9 g servo, 2 x 25g servo
2 x 20 ~ 30amp ESC
2 x 2215 motores 960kv outrunner
Batería 4S 14.8V 4000mAh LiPoly 3300 ~

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Just received mine today, after customs value re-assessment. I am very impressed with the kit. I just have to figure out how to build and paint it now. The instructions assume you bought the complete and painted kit so there is a little figuring out to do. I have not purchased any of the electronics yet and I do not expect to finish the kit for a few months as I have other projects to build, and probably crash, before I get to this one.
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verified_user Quality
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The big box arrived today and I'm impressed with the quality of this kit. The foam is dense and very smooth and the styrene cowlings and other parts are crisp and nicely done. Decent hardware and nice hinges provided. This is a step-up from your basic foamy.

I will be replacing the supplied props with Masters and in response to a question, the supplied adapters are for a 3mm shaft and 8mm prop bore.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the main gear included minus the retract unit. It is not always clear what they mean when they say things are or are not incuded.

These again have a 3mm leg so any 90 degree retract that takes a pin that size should work fine.

Somene has taken a lot of trouble to design this plane.

Don't expect too much from the instruction booklet- it's basic and that's being kind. But if your'e going to take this kit on you'll need to work out a few things out yourself anyway.

Great job Hobbyking!
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